Health Education East Midlands is currently inviting tenders for the role of Training Programme Director in Dermatology.


• Must have knowledge and experience at consultant level of current educational processes within HEEM, including participation in local educational systems.

• Will support the Head of School, participate in the School Board and work with other Training Programme Directors to ensure delivery of high quality education within the Specialty School.

• Will manage and deliver the structures associated with a Training Programme, including a Specialty Training Committee meeting three or four times per year, and report to the School Board, to ensure curriculum delivery, robust educational processes and identification of trainees in difficulty, liaise with Associate Postgraduate Deans and the Training Support Service as required.

• Maintain relationship with Royal College(s) to ensure ongoing engagement with curricular developments and expectations.

• Collaborate in a timely manner with HEE staff and NHS Trust staff (eg Directors of Medical Education and Human Resources) in the allocation of trainees to appropriate and approved training placements including those working Less Than Full-Time.

• The role holder will be accountable through the Head of School to the Deputy Postgraduate Dean.

Reimbursement will be made to the employer in order to release the role holder to undertake the duties of the role. It is expected that the net figure will be payable to the role holder. All applicants must secure the support of the employing organisation prior to submitting a tender/application. Jobshares for this role will be considered, through a joint tender/application.

To express an interest (apply) complete an Expression of Interest Form and submit it along with your CV by Thursday 6 September to

Informal enquiries can be made by emailing the Head of School, Dr Jonathan Corne, at