SuppoRTT for Trainers

The SuppoRTT Team is keen to ensure our trainers are fully supported to help trainees return to clinical practice.  To this end, we have introduced an Educational Supervisor training day called Managing the Trainee Returning to Training: SuppoRTT Workshop for Educational Supervisors.

The dates of the training are as follows:

12/10/18 Nottingham Belfry

09/11/18 Leicester Hilton

07/12/18 Nottingham Belfry

18/01/19 Stamford Court, Leicester

08/02/19 Nottingham Belfry

08/03/19 Leicester Hilton

05/04/19 Nottingham Belfry

10/05/19 Stamford Court, Leicester

07/06/19 Nottingham Belfry

12/07/19 Leicester Hilton

Bookings should be made via Intrepid Course Manager at  and the course flyers are listed in the documents section below 

We have produced two documents to help trainers understand the SuppoRTT Offer to trainees and provide tips for trainers who are providing support to trainees:

1) The SuppoRTT Offer to Trainees

2) Top Tips for Trainers

Both documents can viewed in the documents section below.