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About The Training Support Service

The Training Support Service is a service for trainees in the East Midlands who are experiencing difficulties which may be adversely impacting on their performance and progression in training.  These difficulties range widely, from minor concerns due to personal issues, to major or persistent concerns because of clinical incidents or unprofessional behaviour.  Fortunately, serious performance problems amongst trainees are uncommon. 

Upon referral, the case is allocated to a TSS case manager, who ensures a collaborative approach is used to work towards the best outcome for the trainee. This involves working with the trainee and their trainers to assess development needs and recommend further assessment or support and resources. The case manager will also monitor progress.

The TSS team carry out an assessment of support needs, and have access to a range of providers for further assessment or short term support. These include Occupational Health, coaching, counselling, psychologists, language support, tutors and leadership development consultants.

The case manager will be the trainee’s point of contact throughout their time with TSS. The case manager will meet with trainee to agree a support plan and will keep in touch whilst support is being accessed. The TSS also works closely with Associate Postgraduate Deans where medical input is required.

The TSS will also work with trainers to gather information about progression in training to make sure that the support we are providing is appropriate for a trainee’s needs.