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Leicester Training Programme

Histopathology training on the Leicester (south) Rotation comprises Cellular Pathology (the collective term for both cytopathology and histopathology) and autopsy pathology. As Cellular Pathology is a Consultant led specialty all trainees work closely with senior colleagues.

In the ST1 year all trainees are based in Leicester working at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield GeneralHospital.  During this first year trainees rotate through different specialty teams introducing the various disciplines of Cellular Pathology and laboratory practice with time also spent in the mortuary.  There is a structured programme of both local and national teaching to prepare trainees for the RCPath OSPE examination, required for progression to ST2.

More information on ST1 histopathology training can be found at: http://nhshistopathology.net/schools-and-training/england/leicester---leicester-royal-infirmary.

At present trainees can state a preference as to whether they remain in Leicester after year 1 or transfer to the Nottingham (North) rotation for the remainder of their training.

Those who remain on the Leicester rotation will, over the course of their training, spend 6 months at Kettering General Hospital and 6 months at Northampton General Hospital.  This provides experience working in a district general hospital environment. The remaining time is spent at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield GeneralHospital gaining experience and developing diagnostic skills in preparation for the FRCPath part 1 and FRCPath part 2 examinations leading to their CCT.  There is also ample opportunity for audit and research during training.

Neuropathology and Paediatric Pathology training is not offered locally.  However, links with Nottingham allow trainees to spend 4 -6 weeks in each discipline, as required by the RCPath curriculum, with the teams at Queens Medical Centre.