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Meet the Team

Administrative staff in the Assessments Team look after a portfolio of schools/specialties as the primary contact point. Please see below the contact information by school/specialty. Please contact the listed staff for all queries related to ARCPs, RITAs, assessment-related appeals, CCT applications, F1 and F2 sign-off, and e-portfolio queries related to assessments.


Contact Name(s)

Email Address

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery/ Neurosurgery /Rehab Medicine/Emergency Medicine/ ACCS/ Infectious Diseases/ Medical Microbiology & Virology/ Chemical Pathology/ Histopathology/ Plastic Surgery/ Anaesthetics 

Hilary Booth


Public Health/Urology

Tristan Emerson


Foundation/CCT Applications/Clinical Genetics/Occupational Medicine/GUM Darren Kemp Darren.Kemp@hee.nhs.uk

General Surgery / Paediatric Surgery/ Paediatric Cardiology

Madeline Leverton


Respiratory Medicine/General Practice/Sport & Exercise Medicine Medicine

Fiona McMillan


Palliative Medicine/Paediatrics/ Clinical Radiology/Broad Based Training/Allergy & Immunology/ Geriatric Medicine/Rheumatology

Andy Petherbridge


O&G/Core Surgery Training/ Diabetes & Endocrinology/Ophthalmology

June Prior


Medical Oncology/Neurology/ Haematology/ Dermatology/ Clinical Oncology/Psychiatry/ Cardiology



GIM/CMT/T&O/ENT/Acute Internal Medicine/GP/

Cardiothoracic Surgery



Gastroenterology/Clinical Pharmacology/Dental/Renal Medicine Anna Nieszczerzewska Anna.Nieszczerzewska@hee.nhs.uk

The Assessments Team will have a significant role within the process of revalidation for junior doctors. More information about trainee revalidation can be found here