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The Application Process

The first stage of the recruitment process is to complete the national application form, which will be available to be filled out online through http://www.oriel.nhs.uk/ during the application period.

All applicants must meet the minimum requirements of the National Person Specification.

PLEASE NOTE that throughout the process you will have to regularly check your emails as this will be our only way of contacting you.

Health Education East Midlands are excited to announce that we will be recruiting an Innovative project of two, four year Clinical Teaching Fellowship (CTF) Programmes. These programmes will include three years of GP training and 11 months of an attachment to Leicester University Medical School as a Clinical Teaching Fellow (CTF). During the educational component Fellows will develop teaching skills and be involved in educating medical students. Fellows will be registered for the Post-graduate Teaching Certificate Module A leading to 40M level credits and recognition through the Higher Education Academy.

Recruitment to these posts will follow the same process as applying for a standard GP Recruitment Programme by applying to East Midlands Health Education England. Please note these are different to the two Academic Clinical Fellowship post that East Midlands HEE are also recruiting too, please do not tick the ACF box on the application form for these posts. You must register your interest in applying for these posts by emailing HEEM.medicalrecruitment@nhs.net.

For further information please see here.


Applications submitted and reviewed.  Applications must be completed fully and correctly, any application that is not completed or is incorrectly filled out will be rejected. Unless you are currently in a Foundation Year 2 Programme you must upload your evidence of achieving Foundation Competencies, either FACD 5.2, or Alternative Certificate. The Alternative Certificate can be found on National Recruitment Office Website http://gprecruitment.hee.nhs.uk/

STAGE 2 - Assessment – Computer Based Test (CBT)

Once your application is accepted you will be asked to attend an initial assessment which forms our short-listing process and also enables us to rank candidates before allocating them to a LETB Stage 3 Selection Centre. Although this is not an exam, it is conducted under examination conditions and you will be asked to agree to a set of rules before you can proceed. The Stage 2 assessment will be delivered by computer which will allow us to run the assessment on a number of days in a larger number of venues throughout the whole of the UK. The format of the assessment remains unchanged.

This assessment consists of two parts, Professional Dilemmas & Clinical Problem Solving, examples of these questions can be downloaded from the National Recruitment Website.

For more information visit http://gprecruitment.hee.nhs.uk/

STAGE 3 - Selection Centre

If you achieve an acceptable score, you will then be invited to a selection centre where you will be assessed on various competency based exercises. The exercises consist of a written prioritising paper lasting 30 minutes and three 10 minute simulated patient scenario. Training programmes are then offered to candidates in rank order.

If you are successful but we are unable to place you on a suitable training scheme you have the opportunity to go through the national clearing process. For further information please visit http://gprecruitment.hee.nhs.uk/

What to bring to the Selection Centre:

  • Original passport, plus 1 copy of the front cover, inside cover & signature/photograph page
  • Original Proof of address, plus 1 copy
  • Original current GMC proof of Registration, plus 1 copy
  • Original evidence of right to work in the UK, plus 1 copy
  • Original primary qualification certificate, plus 1 copy
  • Original Postgraduate qualification/membership exam certificate, plus  1 copy
  • Original proof of English Language proficiency (i.e. IELTS, letter from consultant), plus  1 copy
  • Original proof of Foundation Competences (i.e. applicant currently in Foundation Training, FACD 5.2, 2014 Alternative Certificate), plus  1 copy
  • Original ALS certificate, plus 1 copy


We do give priority to geographical restrictions where there are genuine reasons for candidates to work in a particular area. 

Please therefore bring geographical restriction forms to the Selection Centre for checking.  If any geographical restriction forms are not presented at the Selection Centre they will need to be supplied by post or email to Health Education East Midlands before 5pm Monday 9th February. All forms also require additional supporting evidence. Any forms supplied without evidence or received after the deadline will not be considered.

Travel Expenses – for stage 3 if you have to travel further than 20 miles to the interview you are entitled to claim for your travel. If this is by car we will pay £0.33 per mile. All other methods of travel and claiming are listed on our Interview Expenses Policy located on the “downloads” section of this page. The maximum amount you can claim for travel and accommodation (if pre-approved) is £100.

For air travel and accommodation, you must obtain written confirmation from the LETB before proceeding. If you do not obtain written consent from the LETB, we will not reimburse you for air travel and accommodation. The LETB will pay up to the amount of £55.00 towards accommodation.

The final deadline for submission of claims in Round 1 is Thursday 19th February 2015.  Claim forms should be submitted to heem.recruitmentexpenses@nhs.netor posted with original receipts to GP Recruitment Expenses, Recruitment and Programmes Team, Health Education East Midlands, 1 Mere Way, Ruddington Fields Business Park, Ruddington, Nottingham.  NG11 6JS.

Allocation to Programmes:

We aim to place candidates in the programme of their choice where possible. 

We do give priority to geographical restrictions where there are genuine reasons for candidates to work in a particular area.

Any Geographical restriction forms will need to be supplied by post or email to Health Education East Midlands before 5pm Friday 6th February. All forms also require additional supporting evidence. Any forms supplied without evidence or received after the deadline will not be considered.

For further information about our Training Programmes please click here: https://www.eastmidlandsdeanery.nhs.uk/page.php?id=766

For more information on the process, and more information on each stage, please visit the GP National Recruitment office website http://gprecruitment.hee.nhs.uk/

Round 1 2015

Applications can be submitted from

 10.00 am Tuesday 11th November 2014

Applications MUST be submitted by

 16:00 Thursday 4th December 2014

Foundation Competence evidence submitted by

 16:00 Thursday 4th December 2014

Stage 2 (Computer Based Test)

 Saturday 3rd January – Saturday 10th January 2015

Stage 3 (Selection Centre)

Tuesday 3rd February - Thursday 5th February 2015.

First offers out

By the end of business Tuesday 24th February 2015

Offers accepted by

 Within 48 hours of offer

Held offers accepted or declined by:

 Thursday 19th March 2015

National Clearing commences:


Round 2 2015


Applications can be submitted from

Tuesday 24th March 2015

Applications MUST be submitted by

Thursday 9th April 2015

Stage 2 Assessment

Monday 27th April –  Tuesday 28th April 2015

Sage 3 (Selection Centre)

Thursday 14th May – Friday 15th May 2015

First offers out

Thursday 21st May 2015

For any queries, please email the medical recruitment inbox at HEEM.medicalrecruitment@nhs.net

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