IRIS  - On-line Web-based Simulation Platform


The East Midlands Simulation Network (EMSN), with support from Health Education England East Midlands, have purchased iRIS, an on-line web-based platform, to develop simulation content for doctors returning to training.

iRIS is a collaborative simulation authoring platform that supports the development of high quality simulation scenarios in line with the latest Association for Simulation Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) Simulation Based Education (SBE) Standards Framework and Health Education England (HEE) strategies.


  • An easy to use scenario development tool where course developers can author together irrespective of geographical location.
  • A library of ready-to-use course content including all resources, faculty notes, manikin/actor parameters and supporting material (e.g. x-ray images, blood results, ECG etc.).
  • As new content is developed it can be shared with the wider community saving time on redeveloping simulation scenarios and resources.
  • Provides support for new simulation authors by providing a systematic step-by-step approach to scenario development.
  • Scenarios can be accessed on any device, mobile, tablet and computer, or downloaded and printed off.


  • High quality standardised simulation content that meets national guidelines.
  • Scenarios with clear learning objectives and curricula links.
  • Local trainer access to scenario content enabling the potential to run SBE at the trainee’s base.

 iRIS is currently being configured by the EMSN to collaborate and share scenarios / cases across the region. If you will be delivering simulation for RTT or would like to contribute and access the iRIS scenario library please contact;

You find out more about the iRIS platform at

If you would like to find out more about the project contact your nearest administrator;