Restoring Efficiency in Dental Registrants

The Postgraduate Dental School aims to support dental registrants, including all categories of General Dental Council (GDC) registrant, including (amongst others) dentists, therapists, hygienists, nurses and technicians. Registrants may require support for various reasons, such as poor health, impaired performance or conduct that places them in breach of GDC standards or NHS England Local Area Team guidance.

The school’s goal is to support these registrants who need to ‘get back on track’. The support that is offered might include working with other stakeholders including the GDC, NHS England Local Area Team (LAT), Defence/ Indemnity organisations and the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS)

Support can be offered formally, or informally.

Formal support is offered to registrants who are undergoing a formal process, such as a GDC committee hearing process or an LAT investigation. In these types of cases, the school can be instrumental in helping a registrant satisfy conditions that have been placed on their registration, or to meet voluntary undertakings. This is usually done by preparing a Professional Development Plan (PDP) to demonstrate the necessary improvements in practice. 

‘Informal’ support may include mentoring or coaching, where required, by our Professional Support Unit.

Please note that ultimate responsibility for remediation rests with the registrant. The role of Health Education England is to provide assistance in drawing up a remediation action plan, to give advice on resources available to the registrant, to monitor the milestones in the action plan and to report back to the referring agency.

The cost of a remediation programme is also the responsibility of the registrant

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