Obstetrics & Gynaecology

If you're looking to develop your career in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the East Midlands is the perfect place to train. You'll benefit from easy access to all the basic, advanced and sub-speciality training you need while enjoying a stable family and social life thanks to the unique way our rotations are arranged.

Keep reading to find out more about O&G training in the East Midlands.

Join a popular training programme that offers an exceptional individual experience

If you want a training experience where you'll be looked after as an individual, the East Midlands is the perfect place to train. You'll benefit from varied opportunities in a sociable and nurturing environment where you'll develop a close rapport not only with your supervisors but also with your colleagues and peers.

As a small deanery you'll benefit from lots of support and individual attention while also gaining experience in busy, city-based hospitals. If you have a family the East Midlands is also the perfect place to come as many of our trainees work 'less than full time'.

All of the basic and advanced RCOG training modules are available as well as an extensive range of subspecialty training programmes. We also offer a range of training modules you won't find in other regions including Patient Safety and exam coaching courses.

To help you manage your study leave we also provide many of the RCOG mandatory courses - including Basic Skills, third degree tear, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy simulation - 'in-house', meaning you can allocate your study leave time for other uses.

And, with rotations designed around major teaching hospitals, it means that you won't face the prospect of a long commute or having to move home every few months. Our two programmes are geographically based and you'll gain experience at a range of city and district general hospitals in close proximity to each other.

"The East Midlands Deanery has many advantages including a wide range of hospitals across the Deanery providing training within both tertiary level and district general hospitals. There is a strong emphasis on supporting trainees through the challenges of training" - Will, ST6

Benefit from lots of academic, 'out of programme' and job opportunities

Our trainees give us terrific feedback for the quality of our training. That is because as well as a programme that offers a high level of individual attention, you'll also benefit from a range of career opportunities.

You'll be encouraged to consider an out-of-programme experience so that you can tailor your experience and CV. You'll benefit from lots of opportunities for developing academic and research interests. And, you'll be able to develop your teaching skills through postgraduate medical education courses which involve teaching students from three medical schools.

Your O&G training in the East Midlands will also give you excellent career opportunities. Obstetricians and gynaecologists achieving their CCT in the East Midlands have performed very well in securing substantive consultant posts both locally, and throughout the UK.

Why you should live in the East Midlands

1416852335_bdqq.jpg‘From my role on the trainees committee I see that they actively listen to trainees’ needs’ - Graham, ST4
1416852361_vkdm.jpg‘There is a strong emphasis on supporting trainees through the challenges of training’ - Will, ST6
1416852385_fdgg.jpg‘This “individualised” training is unique to the School; each trainee is encouraged to capitalise on their strengths and interests’ - Sonia, ST7
1416852418_brmb.jpg‘The School of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the East Midlands is very supportive of less than full time training’ - Kate, ST7
1420561876_nbdq.jpgThe chance to make a genuine difference to people's lives is never far away and I wouldn't dream of a career in any other specialty - Anoop, ST5
1420561902_pnyf.jpgI met a lot of my current consultants as a medical student and it has been real advantage training in the same area - Anna, ST4
1420561930_phjw.jpgTrainees’ opinions are highly valued - Dhivya, East Midlands Trainee Chair
1420562055_jydg.jpgThe chance to make a genuine difference to people's lives is never far away and I wouldn't dream of a career in any other specialty - Anoop, ST5

With world-class sport, theatre and music the East Midlands is one of the country's most vibrant regions. House prices are 44% lower than the South East while superb road and rail links mean that parts of the region are less than an hour from London, Birmingham and Sheffield.

"As a region, the East Midlands is a good place to live, with affordable accommodation ,excellent opportunities to socialise and some of the best countryside..." - Sonia, ST7

With hundreds of days and nights out to enjoy you'll never be short of something to do. Highlights include:

  • International sport - the region hosts ATP and WTA tennis, Test cricket, Premier League football, European rugby and the British Grand Prix
  • World-class culture - visit one of the UK's leading contemporary art galleries, a major arena concert venue and the UK's oldest comedy festival
  • Beautiful countryside - get away from it all in the Peak District, Sherwood Forest, Rutland Water or the Lincolnshire coast

For further information download the rotations and training programme document or email one of our Training Programme Directors:

Andree Ellis - andree.ellis@nuh.nhs.uk

Alec McEwan - alec.mcewan@nuh.nhs.uk

Farah Siddiqui - farah.siddiqui@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

or our Head of School, Robert Haughney - robert.haughney@kgh.nhs.uk