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East Midlands

The Professional Support and Wellbeing Service (PSW)

Our vision is to guide doctors and dentists in training through supportive interventions that make a positive difference to their training and wellbeing.

NHS England is committed to providing excellent education and rewarding training programmes for both doctors and dentists. We are aware that training to be a doctor and dentist requires a lot of time, determination, and skill and there will be periods where extra support is needed. This is where we come in: we provide short-term, solution focused interventions for doctors and dentists in training who are experiencing difficulty progressing in their training. Each doctor or dentist referred to the service has a dedicated PSW Case Manager who arranges support via specialist providers and then monitors their progress. Doctors in training can be referred to the PSW service by through self-referral or by those involved in their education. Our confidential and impartial support options can range from one-to-one counselling, coaching sessions, study support, dyslexia screening and full cognitive assessments, or referral to Occupational Health. More information is provided in the links below.


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Guidance aimed at supporting colleagues with assisting someone who may be experiencing suicide thoughts