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Welcome to the East Midlands! Train in some of the most vibrant and beautiful areas in the UK.

The East Midlands is a vibrant and diverse region offering everything from two of England's top ten cities to some of the most beautiful rural locations in the country. The region extends from Sherwood Forest in the north to Northamptonshire in the south and from the Peak District in the west to the East Coast of Lincolnshire.

The East Midlands is a great place to live and work. Whatever your interests – be it walking the Peaks, visiting historical sites, or enjoying the opportunities of city life – you will find it in the East Midlands. The people are welcoming, the housing affordable, and the education on offer is excellent! We also have great road and rail links so you can easily keep in touch with family and friends. In addition, East Midlands Airport is situated centrally on the borders of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and Leicestershire.

So, what can we offer to prospective GP trainees? Well, we have a history of innovation and creating exciting learning opportunities for our trainees. We encourage trainees to undertake Innovative Training Placements (ITPs) in the ST2 year and there are also opportunities to complete a fellowship both during and after training. We may also be able to offer global health fellowships with the opportunity for trainees to go out of programme to African countries; this has been on hold due to the pandemic but we are hoping this will resume with voluntary placements by August 2022.

All of our programmes are working towards offering 24 months in Primary Care and 12 months in Secondary Care. We believe that the extra time in primary care will reinforce the excellent training already on offer and enhance the likelihood of success for our prospective trainees.

As a GP specialty trainee, you will be assigned to a variety of different placements. These range from ethnically diverse, inner city practices through to leafy suburban and charming rural settings across the region. We also have a diverse and experienced training team who, with our varied half and whole day release programmes are able to help you to develop not only the skills you need to pass the examinations but also an excellent grounding to launch you into the challenging and complex world of primary care.

Our aim is for you to achieve success in the MRCGP and also help you prepare you for an exciting and enjoyable career in General Practice. Upon completion of your General Practice training, there will also be the opportunity to undertake local post-CCT fellowships where you can develop a specific interest.

We have 7 programmes across the region. Please follow the links below to find out more:

  1. Chesterfield - Just 12 minutes by rail from Sheffield, this charming town is home to one of the biggest open-air markets in Britain. Famed for its crooked spire it is also on the doorstep of the Peak District, the UK's first National Park
  2. Derby - England's most central city is undergoing a £2 billion transformation. With dozens of beautiful public parks, a brand-new retail centre and a surprising variety of film, drama, art and dance venues, it is one of the cultural hubs of the East Midlands
  3. Leicestershire - This diverse and vibrant county offers everything from top-class rugby union to the biggest Diwali celebrations outside India. Just 67 minutes from London by train, Leicester is the home of King Richard III and the county boasts the National Space Centre and the UK's only double-track heritage railway
  4. Lincolnshire - Coastlines and countryside are never far away and the delightful market town of Boston and the Roman city of Lincoln are well worth a visit. Lincoln Cathedral is one of the finest buildings in the world and the county is a popular holiday destination for many.
  5. Northamptonshire - Explore the network of canals that run through the county, enjoy the thrill of the British Grand Prix or visit the historic Rockingham Castle. Northampton is just 46 minutes from London by rail and boasts one of the oldest market squares in England and 170 parks and open spaces
  6. Nottingham - The second fastest growing city in the UK offers world-class drama, music, art, and sport. It is regularly cited as one of England’s top cities in which to live.   
  7. Sherwood Forest - Based in the heart of historic Robin Hood country, the town of Mansfield is within easy reach of Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield. With dozens of outdoor activities on your doorstep the former coal-mining town has boomed in the last decade


The East Midlands is the ideal place to undertake your GP training. Not only do you have a wide range of programmes to choose from, but you will also live in a vibrant and thriving region with world-class sport, art, drama and music.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the East Midlands, having had a wide range of clinical experiences, networking with many influential people as well as taking part in opportunities such as the GP annual conference in Liverpool." - Pritesh Mistry, GP Trainee


My training in Derbyshire was led by an experienced team who value peer to peer support and mentorship. I was supported to take an out of programme experience as a teaching fellow, as well as gain experience in Leadership. Post-CCT, I am being supported through the transition from registrar to GP by a 'New to Practice Fellowship'.

Particular highlights include the excellent transport links, cities including Derby, Nottingham, yet a stones walk through from the beautiful Peak District where I enjoy walking regularly. –Emily Hancock, Salaried GP


Having been born and raised in the East Midlands, it was a natural choice for me to want to work, live and train here. I enjoy the diversity of Nottingham and the community spirit, I also love how close the city is to the beautiful surrounding countryside. I can't see myself ever leaving the region!  Lorna Filby, GP trainee


If you have any recruitment queries, please email our recruitment team at:

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For more information, please contact:

Dr Anjla Sharman (Recruitment Lead) -

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Please see the NRO website for the timelines of dates and deadlines:

How to Apply

The first stage of the recruitment process is to complete the national application form, which will be available to be filled out online through Oriel.

All applicants must meet the minimum requirements of the National Person Specification.


Please visit the GPNRO website for further information.

Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACFs)

Health Education England, East Midlands, in partnership with the University of Nottingham and University of Leicester, invites applications from talented and enthusiastic doctors in training who seek a career combining research, teaching and the care of patients.

Please note, unless you already hold a NTN in the specialty, you will also need to attend GP selection process.

For further information, please click here.

​Opportunities for Global Health Projects

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, global health projects had been suspended. These included the 1-year paid Global Health fellowship placement programme in community hospitals in South Africa and 4-week projects working with isolated communities in Sierra Leone. However, it is hoped that a new voluntary programme of 4 – 6 month placements in a range of African countries will be possible next year (2022). Information of these are available at The 4 week placement in Sierra Leone is under consideration at the moment and any developments will be posted directly to training programmes and on this web-site.

Global health encompasses worldwide health issues. It is not just a low-income country problem, and it is more than communicable diseases and campaigns. Global health embraces both prevention in populations and clinical care of individuals. It also aims to ensure a high level of local inclusion in education, training and initiatives that will comply with local community structures, customs and beliefs.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health encourage the NHS and other health bodies to continue their support for health care systems, finding new ways and solutions to achieve universal health coverage, health worker education and training globally. The recommendations also encourage Health Education England and the equivalents in the other UK countries to support international volunteering and the education and training of UK healthcare and development workers abroad.

Previous projects

Kenya / UK Exchange Fellowship Project

This 6-month project combined two final year UK GP registrars and two Primary care practitioners from Kenya to do a health needs assessment split between marginalised communities in rural (Masai) Kenya and UK (inner city Nottingham). Instruction on qualitative research techniques was given in Kenya and the team who were supervised by the project leads and local professionals, utilised existing community resources and expertise.

South Africa Global Health Fellowship

These national fellowships were 1-year (paid) placements in community hospitals in South Africa undertaken just before the final year in GP training. Trainees accepted onto the fellowship programme met regularly for preparatory training and induction prior to their dispatch. All hospitals had been visited by educators from Health Education England for safety and suitability for UK trainee placement. Feedback from these placements was universally excellent.

UK / China Exchange project

This was a 4-month project in conjunction with Nottingham University that combined GP trainees from China (Ningbo) and UK to evaluate their respective GP training systems and delivery of primary health care. The UK/Kenya exchange was a model for the project methodology and evaluation. A side project examined the management of diabetes in community hospitals in China. A report was generated by the team that has been translated into mandarin and given to the regional health authorities in China.

Sierra Leone

This was a 4-week placement that combined service delivery and a health needs assessment of isolated communities in Sierra Leone. It was first done just before the Covid19 pandemic. Two GP and one Paediatrics trainee were selected and accompanied experienced health care practitioners and supervisors from UK and Sierra Leone. As well as participation in mobile clinics the group were able to produce a report on the current status of health care delivery which was submitted to the local community as well as key health care providers. This shorter placement was oversubscribed as it required no extension to training – combining study and annual leave.

All of the above projects have resulted in local, regional and global presentations for the participants and publications. Participants left the communities with a new understanding of their global health issues, and some possible ways forward. They also developed their personal and professional maturity, team working skills and transferable trans-cultural problem-solving skills and they all gained an in-depth understanding and compassion for communities in need.

For more information, see the evaluation report.

Programme Preferences

Based on applicant feedback for 2016 recruitment applicants will be able to preference at a more detailed geographical level during Round 1 and 2. This will allow applicants to preference at GP Programme level e.g. Nottingham, Derby or Chesterfield rather than the East Midlands

Allocation to programme area will be via Oriel.                                                                


The Round 1 vacancies for 2022 are as follows:                                                                                                         


Standard ST rotations








Kettering and Northampton






Lincolnshire (Boston)



Lincolnshire (Boston TERS)



Lincolnshire (Lincoln)



Lincolnshire (Lincoln TERS)






Sherwood Forest (Mansfield)



Sherwood Forest (Mansfield TERS)







The figures above should be used as a guidance tool.

Please note that the ACF vacancies are in competition with other specialties.


Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme: Health Education England - East Midlands. Allocation to rotations process.

This scheme offers a one off payment (salary support[1]) of £20,000 to GP trainees committed to working in a select number of training places within the East Midlands , that have been hard to recruit to for the past three years. These areas  have an extremely good track record for education, but are initially less popular mainly because of their geographical location. However, those trainees that do come to these areas often stay on after training, as they discover these locations’ hidden attractions, including beautiful countryside and cheap housing

Rotations which attract a TERS payment will be fixed and there will be no flexibility to either change the order of posts or the actual speciality of posts.


For 2022 we will be advertising the below TERS vacancies;

Programme TERS

Round 1

Lincolnshire (Boston)


Lincolnshire (Lincoln)


Sherwood Forest 36


[1] TERS has formerly been referred to as a bursary but it is treated by HMRC as Salary Support and will be subject to normal taxation rules. If you have concerns about how this will affect you individually we recommend you seek professional advice.

Upgrading, Feedback and References


If you would like the option of getting one of your higher ranked preferences, should they become available, you can opt into upgrading. The upgrading option is available for all offers that have been held or accepted, but not where an offer has been declined. A candidate who has accepted or held an offer can opt in or out of upgrading at any time during the window. 

If you opt into upgrading and a higher preferenced offer becomes available, the upgrade will be automatic. You will be placed in the higher preferenced post without the GP National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) making any further contact with you and you will not be given 48 hours to decide whether you wish to accept or decline the new post.

If an upgrade is made, the previously held or accepted post will be released and will be re-offered to another candidate.

Once you have been upgraded you will be contacted to inform you of this. Details of the upgrade made will be available in Oriel.

Once the upgrading deadline has passed, no further upgrades will be offered, even if one of your higher preferenced rotations becomes available at a later date.


Following the offers process, feedback will be provided by GPNRO to all applicants.


You will be required to provide details of three referees on your application form. Referees are required to submit references, using an online referee portal on Oriel, once offers have been accepted. You will be informed, via your Oriel portal, when your referee has submitted their reference. All offers are subject to satisfactory pre-employment checks including reference checks.



Expenses incurred by applicants in sitting the MSRA will not be reimbursed by East Midlands or by the General Practice National Recruitment Office (GPNRO)



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