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Derby Programme

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Derby Training Programme is based in Derby, a thriving multi-cultural centre that continues to expand and look progressively forward, while still managing to retain its historical connections and sense of pride. Derby is an attractive University City with a population of 216,000 covering an area of some 30 square miles situated around the river Derwent.

Derby lies less than 20 miles from some of the most beautiful countryside in Great Britain. The city itself retains much of the character of a county town and boasts more than 2000 acres of parkland. It lies very much in the centre of England with excellent rail and road links and within easy reach of East Midlands Airport.

The Programme is well-established,  friendly and progressive. The programme has been in existence for over 25 years and continues to attract high quality candidates and to produce excellent young principals at the end of the three-years training programme.

All training programmes include hospital posts which are located in the new £334million hospital due to be opened in Spring of 2009. The Programme is mainly based in the two university-linked hospitals (Derbyshire Royal Infirmary and the Derby City General Hospital) that form Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Some of our programmes contain psychiatric posts which are part of the Derbyshire Community and Mental Health Services NHS Trust with wards at the Derby City General Hospital.

Our training programmes consist of 20 months in General Practice and 16 months in hospital rotations. Training Practices linked to the scheme vary from urban to rural locations but all offer very high standards of training. The Programme provides courses available deanery wide such as: 3 day Child Health Course and 2 day End of Life Course, current theoretical component being adapted for the VLE (Moodle).

We have a team of very dedicated and enthusiastic Programme Directors, GP Trainers and Administrators and we have a good relationship with the Hospital Consultants who are meaningfully involved in the running of the scheme.

The Derby Programme not only strives to make the scheme highly educational, we aim to help our GP Registrars develop their knowledge, skills and beliefs to fully equip them for modern General Practice, whilst trying to make this process as enjoyable as possible.

What our trainees tell us

'There are well-sized GP training groups, with experienced tutors and excellent support staffs. Good interactions exist between GP registrars in various stages of their training from different working and cultural backgrounds, enabling skills and experiences to be shared throughout in both formal and casual formats. The training locations vary from vibrant inner city GP practices in Derby to small community based surgeries in the beautiful rural regions near the peak districts. Hospital training posts are well organised and based in one of the newest hospitals in the country allow further developments of registrars within the scheme. Formal teaching during the half-day release programme is organised by GP registrars, with exceptional support provided by both knowledgeable GP trainers and helpful consultants from the acute trust, encouraging registrars to be adult learners and take on self directed updates of knowledge and skills necessary to become high quality GP practitioners.'

Prizes and Distinctions

Achievements above basic level GP training includes the DCH, DFSRH, DRCOG, 2nd prize for audit in medical department (2009), and I recently became a member of the 'Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge'!! (I think that counts!) In terms of presentations - poster presentation at East Midlands Rheumatology Society Meeting on fragility fractures and meeting the target for DXA scanning and treatment (2010). 
ST3 trainee.

Successful completion my PG Certificate in Healthcare and Biomedical Education/ Fellowship in Medical Education.
ST1 trainee

Please contact Viv Longdon, Programme Manager 01332 254755,  Viv.Longdon@derbyhospitals.nhs.uk or visit our website http://www.derbygpvts.co.uk/