SuppoRTT courses and workshops for Trainees Returning to Training

We use a variety of booking methods for our course - please use the link in each Course Description to book each course.

Please note that once you have booked a course, joining instructions and any pre-course information will be sent to you directly one week or less prior to the course date.  We do not put this information on Accent or our web pages.

For more information there are some course flyers available to download below in the documents section. 

Return to Training: Ready, Steady, Go!



Course Description:

.Join experienced tutors who are practising NHS doctors and take time to consider your own needs as you return to work.

This all-day workshop will focus on:

  • Time and space to reflect on recent changes in your own circumstances
  • Explore opportunities and develop an individualised plan to support your return to training
  • The effects of Health, Illness, Stress and Fatigue on Work
  • Learn to manage energy, not your time
  • Explore work-life balance and develop positive intelligence
  • Strategies for self-care and wellbeing

 Booking is via Eventbrite


Dates and timings:

Thurs 21 July 2022 9.30-12.30

Fri 7 October 2022 9.30-12.30

Thurs 12 January 2023 1.30-4.30

Tues 7 March 2023 9.30-12.30


Duration: Half day free online workshop

Trainer: Doctors Training


SuppoRTT: GP Update Course



Course Description:

One-day online "hot topics" course for GP Trainees returning to training covering: Cardiovascular Disease; Prescribing; Infections; The Environment & Health; Cancer; Mental Health; Diabetes; Chronic Kidney Disease; Respiratory; Gastroenterology and Dermatology.

If you are a GP trainee due to return to training/recently returned, you will be contacted as a matter of course.  If you have not received an invite and feel this applies to you, please contact the SuppoRTT Team at 

Please note this course does not appear on Accent Course Manager.  Booking is via invitation-only.


Dates and timings:

Tues 5th July 2022 9am-5pm

Wed 18th Jan 2023 9am-5pm


Duration: All day free online workshop

Trainer: NB Medical


SuppoRTT: Imposter Syndrome Busters for Returning Parents



Course Description

This two-hour online discussion seminar will support you to identify impostor syndrome symptoms and share with peers how you have approached impostor syndrome in the past. The session will cover themes relating to anxiety, fear of failure, loss of confidence, procrastination, perfectionism and risk aversion. We will discuss how these aspects of impostor syndrome might be playing out through confidential small group coaching and discussion. You will then create a personalise framework to coach yourself to overcome impostor syndrome and to support others in a similar position.

This course is for any Doctor in Training - however please note there will be a slight emphasis on the returning parent.

Booking is via Accent Course Manager  


Dates and timings:

Thurs 14 July 2022 10-12

Tues 17 January 2023 10-12

Tues 14 February 2023 2-4

Wed 15 March 2023 10-12


Duration: Two-hour free online discussion seminar 

Trainer: Registered coach Dr Katy Mahoney from coaching company - Rodetal


SuppoRTT: Supporting Working Parents



Programme Description

This course is specifically designed to support trainees returning or recently returned to training from parental leave. The session runs from 9-12:30, with a short break part way through.

At the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • Manage internal anxiety, guilt and other "gremlins" that hamper or hold you back

  • Create a bespoke action plan for (profile-raising) productivity

  • Build a solid confidence plan

  • Feel supported, motivated, valued and in control

  • Design strategies for building more time into your day

  • Optimise your communication style

  • Walk away confident that you have the time and resources to perform at your best both as a parent and as an employee

Booking is via  Accent Course Manager  


Dates and timings:

Tues 19 Jul 2022 9-12.30

Thurs 3 Nov 2022 9-12.30

Wed 8 Mar 2023 9-12.30


Duration: Half day online workshop

Trainer: Sally Leese from The Wellbeing Project.


SuppoRTT: Productivity and Focus Retreat



Course Description:

This is a course which we run for OOPR trainees twice a year facilitated by our external, performance coach Dr Katy Mahoney.  The course may also benefit those trainees studying for exams/qualifications or simply aiming to update their e-Portfolio.

Essentially, this session encapsulates two hours of researcher study skills teaching alongside 4 hours dedicated to your own work (please ensure you have any notes and files you might need to hand to facilitate this). This is a hugely popular event with excellent feedback so please ensure you book early if you are interested.

Booking is via  Accent Course Manager 


Dates and timings:

Wed 21 Sept 2022 9.30-3

Fri 31 Mar 2023 9.30-3


Duration: Full day online workshop

Trainer: Registered coach Dr Katy Mahoney from coaching company - Rodetal