Study and Exam Support

Many Trainees are referred to the PSW as they are struggling to pass an exam. They may have also recently discovered they are dyslexic or had another neurodiversity diagnosis. Our study and exam support can help you, as a trainee, with the following challenges you may be facing:

  • Efficient use of time during exams
  • Efficient use of time during revision
  • Revision and memory techniques for exams
  • Work based solutions to processing and remembering information


Study and exam support help you reflect on how you approach problems and exams and find solutions unique to your needs.

Who delivers study support?

We use a wide range of external providers who deliver up to 6 hours of one to one study and exam support. These professionals are not always clinicians; however, they have vast experience of post graduate medical training. The support is tailored to you, and you will get out exactly what you put in.

If you have any further queries about coaching, please email our shared inbox:

Please note that though all support packages are free of charge to the trainee, if a trainee requests for additional sessions it may be asked that the trainee self-funds these additional sessions.

Perfect Day (PD) for GP trainees attempting CSA

The Perfect Day intervention is currently aimed at General Practice trainees only and will focus on preparing for the CSA exam.

The trainee will be invited to attend a PD session (Chillwell, Nottingham is our only current location) where they will practice and simulate a real CSA exam with a Consultant GP and receive effective feedback on areas that might need improvement. In addition, a diagnostic interview will be carried out, along with a video recording of the session.

To find out more about this great opportunity, please email for more information.