Workforce, training and education
East Midlands

Support for SAS/LEDs

Alternative support for Staff, Associate Specialist and Specialty (SAS) doctors and Locally Employed Doctors (LEDs)

The PSW service is aimed at supporting doctors in training with a national training number and the service currently does not have provision to extend this support to SAS/LEDs.

However we recognise that SAS/LEDs make up just under a fifth of the medical workforce and we want to ensure you are able to access alternative support.

Support for SAS/LEDs in the East Midlands is managed by our Associate Post Graduate Dean, Dr Lily Read, she can be contacted on

Dr Read can assist with support and guidance for your professional development and contact with the network of SAS Tutors across NHS Trusts.


Below are some guidance documents on how the NHS aims to support SAS/LEDs:


We also hope that the below sources of support will be useful if you are experiencing difficulties with your mental health and wellbeing.   


The PSW service is able to provide support for doctors returning to training after a period of absence and if this applies to you, you can contact us via our SuppoRTT service.