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Trainees Committee

Trainees' Committee

The trainees organise a training day on a monthly basis on the 3 rd Tuesday of each month. The training day comprises of an educational event and every other month the afternoon is devoted to a business meeting of the committee. The rota for organising the educational element of the training day is a delegated function of the trainees committee of which all trainees are members. The educational sessions vary and topics will be subject to interest such as Part I and II, Leadership, Intelligent careers or current Public Health issues.

All trainees are members from each training grade - Public Health Assistants, Senior House Officers, Specialist Registrars and Specialist Trainees.

The committee is coordinated by a Chair, Deputy Chair and secretary.

In addition to the committee meetings all trainees have access to an E group which is a useful tool for information sharing and keeping regular contact.

Information for new trainees can be found here

Trainee Links

This is a diagrammatic representation2 of the different individuals involved in the training programme of a Specialist Registrar or Specialist Trainee. It also reflects sources of further advice for the SpR/SpT, Project and Educational Supervisors

As well as the Educational Supervisor, Project Supervisor and their Mentor, all SpR/SpTs can seek advice from the Faculty Adviser, Training Programme Director and the local Academic Department Co-ordinator.

Project and Educational Supervisors can also seek advice from other member(s) of their peer support groups across the programme as well as the Faculty Adviser.

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1Extracted from a workshop on mentoring led by Rennie Fritch

2This diagram does not purport to reflect any kind of accountability framework and the size of the boxes or the thickness of the lines are not based on any hierarchy.