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Public Health Specialty Training

The specialty training programme is currently funded for four or five years and leads to entry on to the specialist register and the eligibility to apply for a consultant post.

The training programme is set and monitored by the Faculty of Public Health and covers nine key areas of public health practice. The curriculum sets out a series of competencies to be achieved which will provide trainees with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours  required of a specialist. 

For most trainees accepted on to the programme, Phase One of training currently commences with a full time Masters in Public Health.  The course includes modules on epidemiology, statistics, health protection and promotion, aspects of social services and the principles of administration and management.  Whilst studying in this first year, trainees will also commence Public Health service work in a Local Authority for one day per week and spend some time attached to the Health Protection team in Public Health England.  At the end of Phase One trainees are expected to take the Part A Faculty of Public Health Membership Exam. 

In Phase Two of the programme, trainees will submit their dissertation and continue in placements at Local Authorities.  This will involve moving to a different Local Authority or to Public Health England to maximise opportunities to complete competencies.  During this period trainees are expected to take the Part B Faculty of Public Health Membership Exams.

Following completion of the Faculty exams, trainees enter Phase Three of the training programme.  They will continue in their training placement with increasing degrees of responsibility.  The training programme also offers the opportunity to develop special interests at this point with placements available at organisations such as Public Health England, including Colindale, NHS England,  the Department of Health and Specialist Commissioning.  Opportunities are also available to do further academic work.

All of our trainers are accredited through the Training the Trainer the Programme and trainees are assigned an Educational Supervisor for each placement and an Academic Supervisor for the duration of their training.  

We offer a full range of training and support for our trainees as they work through the programme.  Health Education East Midlands organises and funds a series of training and study days such as media training and leadership courses.  All trainees are entitled to study leave and expenses and we also have a full programme of exam preparation to support trainees through their Faculty of Public Health exams.  In addition we have a trainee organised academic day every month.

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