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NHS England (Midlands) run a Dental Leadership Fellow programme. This is a 12-month programme designed for dental registrants who have an interest in developing their leadership skills. Throughout the course of their fellowship year, and beyond, Dental Leadership Fellows are encouraged to reflect on their own leadership style and to observe those in senior leadership roles. The fellows are supported to develop their understanding of NHS leadership through close working with key leaders within local dental professional networks.

A year as a Leadership Fellow is an ideal opportunity for highly motivated dental professionals in the early years of their career. The Fellows have a range of leadership development opportunities which includes national/regional projects under the supervision of an assigned mentor, monthly group coaching and opportunities to secure publication and presentations at a national level.


Importance of Leadership in the NHS

The NHS, like most developed world health systems, is faced with multiple complex challenges; an aging population, the increasing burden of long term conditions and comorbidities, on-going health system redesign, and the integration and application of scientific advances - all set against a background of financial constraint and the need to improve productivity alongside quality of care.

The scope of these challenges necessitates that all clinicians in training develop leadership skills, both to improve current service delivery and positively impact future health systems.

Midland Dental Leadership Fellow posts offers Dental Registrants the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership, management, strategy and project management outside of their normal clinical practice.

During the Fellowship you will have the opportunity to acquire, develop and share knowledge and skills in leadership and will be challenged to think and behave differently in your leadership roles.

Please note that these Leadership Fellow posts are not recognised training posts and they do not have a national training number.



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For any questions about these fellowships, please contact Fleur Kellett, Associate Dental Dean