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Innovative Training Posts/Out of Practice Experience


A number of locality training programmes offer Innovative Training Posts (ITPs) as part of the general practice training programme. These posts are based in general practice and funded through the primary care directorate.  Training programmes across the region have developed their own ITP arrangements which have included paediatrics and palliative care.

In addition there have been recent developments in developing ITP programmes in public health and academic general practice that have been open to GP registrars across the training programmes. There are strict conditions for applying to these particular ITP posts which will be advertised in ST1.

ITPs and other sessions taken out of the training practice to attend hospital clinics allow registrars to experience specialties not covered in their planned programme and cover the breadth of the general practice curriculum. Their purpose is NOT for developing individuals as a GP with Special Interest.

In the current financial climate it is unlikely that new ITPs would be funded but utilising a current ST2 general practice training placement as an ITP is possible.

Innovative Training Posts

Most ITPs are offered in the ST2 year although this may vary from programme to programme. If undertaken in ST3 there is an expectation that the registrar's progress has been satisfactory, otherwise gaining experience in general practice consultations should be the primary focus.

The working week is usually split equally between hospital posts and generally practice, and includes planned educational activities. To qualify for GP funding at least 50% of the time should be in general practice.  An example timetable is shown below.










Independent learning

Gynae ward

Gynae clinic




Half-day release

Gynae clinic

Gynae ward

For certification purposes such a post would normally count as a general practice post.

However to ensure that it is clear that an individual registrar's programme meets the certification requirement of a minimum 18 months in general practice, no trainee should undertake more than one four month ITP in their programme.

Sessions out of Practice

With the agreement of the GP Trainer / Educational Supervisor a registrar may attend sessions outside of the practice to address areas of learning. Such sessions are usually arranged on an informal basis through discussion between the Programme Director, GP Trainer, Registrar and supervising consultant.

There should be agreed learning objectives documented in the Personal Development Plan section of the e-portfolio and reflected upon in the learning log.

Registrars have one session of independent learning time scheduled in their working week which can be utilised for these external sessions.

Exceptionally, if a registrar's progression has been satisfactory and the CSA and AKT have been passed, then with agreement of the GP Trainer an additional session taken from practice is possible to continue to broaden the registrar's experience. However for those doctors who have not yet passed the AKT or CSA gaining experience in general practice consultations should remain the primary focus.

Out of Programme education (OOPE)

In addition there has been a recent initiative in recruiting GP registrars to work in highly selected and supervised hospitals in South Africa, before their penultimate year in GP training. The process will be highly selective to ensure that appropriate individuals will be given this wonderful opportunity. Advertising and applications for this fantastic opportunity are invited in the early part of ST2.  The programme will be so arranged that educational supervision will continue throughout the year using the ePortfolio.