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Trent Academic Job Descriptions and Programmes

The job descriptions for the Academic Foundation Programmes available in the Trent Foundation School can be downloaded using the hyperlinks in the table below.  The Academic Foundation Programme data can be viewed in the downloads section of this page or on the Oriel website (www.oriel.nhs.uk)

Programme Reference Number 

 Programme Title          


AT014.1/AT014.2/AT014.3 Perioperative Care Research - F1: Nottinghamshire F2: Derbyshire 

F1: General Surgery/Geriatric Medicine/General Psychiatry

F2: Academic Research/Urology/General (Internal) Medicine

AT042.1/AT042.2/AT042.3 Medicine/Surgery Research - F1: Derbyshire F2: Nottinghamshire

F1: Emergency Medicine/General (Internal) Medicine/Urology

F2: Geriatric Medicine/Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery/Academic Research

AT057.1/AT057.2/AT057.3 General Practice Research - F1/F2: Nottinghamshire

F1: General Surgery/General (Internal) Medicine/Obstetrics and Gynaecology

F2: General Practice/Acute Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine

AT068.1/AT068.2/AT068.3 Medicine/Surgery Research - F1: Derbyshire F2: Nottinghamshire

F1: General (Internal) Medicine/General Surgery/Haematology

F2: Emergency Medicine/Academic Research/General Practice