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East Midlands

NHSE Study Leave Team (East Midlands)

Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Policy updates – regular communication with Study Leave Coordinators and Medical Education Managers.
  • Provision of study leave funding.
  • Provision and maintenance of a study leave recording system.
  • Provide information and guidance at School/Programme inductions/for new starters regarding the overall study leave process.
  • Support complex/technical queries and provide support/authorisation/ratification for Study Leave Coordinators as appropriate.
  • Encourage trainees to proactively utilise study leave entitlements throughout the academic year.

NHSE also includes other teams responsible for other aspects of training for postgraduate doctors, dentists, and learners, such as placement details (Programmes Team). You can find contact details for other NHSE Teams in the Study Leave Policy (available on our Resources & Guidance page) or on our Getting Support page.

What don't we do

Although we receive a large number of queries, anything we receive relating to the below will simply be redirected to the appropriate person/team.

Study Leave Support Officer
Karolina Wlodowska
Study Leave Support Officer
01164 788 630
Account Manager
Andy Petherbridge
Account Manager
Regional Faculty Support Lead
Gerard O'Reilly
Regional Faculty Support Lead