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Rota Approvers

Rota Approvers (Sequence 50) are responsible for:

  • Confirming that a postgraduate doctor/dentist/learner can be released from/is not scheduled for the rota on their requested study leave day/s.
  • Confirming any cancelled leave requests.
    • Doing both within an appropriate timeframe (we would suggest within 7 days of receipt).

Unless you are also the doctor/dentist/learner's Training Programme Director/Head of School (which would be rare), you are not required to assess the educational suitability of an activity. This will either have been done by the School already (and therefore is 'pre-approved' educationally, or what we call a Standard application), or the TPD/HoS will appear after you in the approval chain (usually at Sequence 60) to review the educational suitability of the application (what we call an Exception application).

Relevant policies/guidance


I've received a request for a postgraduate doctor/dentist/learner who is on maternity leave/not working on their request date - what should I do?

The Rota Approver role is to confirm that the applicant can be released from/is not scheduled for the rota on their requested study leave day/s. If they are not scheduled to work on their study leave day/s, either because they are not scheduled on the rota or they are otherwise on leave, the request can simply be approved.

What does 'KSA' mean, after my name on Accent Leave Manager?

'KSA' stands for Key Sequence Approver. This means that you (and anyone else with KSA next to their name) can approve the request on behalf of everyone in that Sequence of approvers. This is standard unless a department asks for everyone in the department (and therefore Sequence) to have to approve the request.

Even if you are the only approver in the Sequence, we will set you up as a KSA to avoid issues if someone else needs to be added to the Sequence later (it makes no difference if you're the only person in the sequence - you're still approving on behalf of that Sequence of approvers).

This function was also applied in Intrepid, but was less clear than it is in Accent.

Can you show me how to action leave requests that I've received?

We have a YouTube video providing an introduction to Accent Leave Manager, including a section on approving leave requests: