Workforce, training and education
East Midlands

Threshold Approvers

Threshold Approvers (Sequence 10) are responsible for:

  • Assessing the educational and financial suitability of the request for the individual postgraduate doctor/dentist/learner, considering the availability of alternative comparable activities, equity of access for other postgraduate doctors/dentists/learners, individual progression, stage of training and career aspirations, where an the application expenses are above £1000.
    • Doing so within an appropriate timeframe (we would suggest within 7 days of receipt).

NOTE: Leave applications will only progress to the Rota and Exception approvers once the application has been approved by the Threshold Approver (Sequence 10).

Relevant policies/guidance

Can you show me how to action leave requests that I've received?

We have a YouTube video providing an introduction to Accent Leave Manager, including a section on approving leave requests: