Workforce, training and education
East Midlands

Medical Training Initiative (MTI) study leave, and NHSE East Midlands

Overseas doctors/dentists appointed through the MTI scheme are the responsibility of their employing Trust, in line with Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AOMRC) guidance.

However, NHSE East Midlands provides limited support to facilitate access to training:

  • MTI doctors/dentists have equivalent access to training opportunities funded/provided/procured by NHSE East Midlands for Schools/training programmes, except where this would disadvantage substantive trainees (i.e. where there are limited delegate places available) or where it is inappropriate for non-training doctors.
    • Where applicable, places on such activities can be booked on Course Manager.
  • Managing study leave, and funding any associated costs for HEE East Midlands activities is the responsibility of the employing Trust. MTI appointees will not receive access to Accent Leave Manager.
  • Any additional study leave activities (ie non-NHSE East Midlands activities) are funded and supported at the Trust’s discretion, and NHSE will not provide support.