East Midlands Dental Core Training


East Midlands DCT Job Descriptions 2019


HEE East Midlands - Derby

HEE East Midlands - Lincoln

HEE East Midlands - Northampton

HEE East Midlands - Queen's Medical Centre/King's Mill Hospital - Maxillofacial


HEE East Midlands - Chesterfield Royal Hospital

HEE East Midlands - Northampton 1 - Northampton General Hospital/Kettering General Hospital 1

HEE East Midlands - Northampton 2 - Northampton General Hospital/Kettering General Hospital/St James Clinic 2 - Special Care Dentistry, split 6 months with OMFS

HEE East Midlands - Nottingham 2 - Queen's Medical Centre/King's Mill Hospital - Maxillofacial & Oral Surgery

HEE East Midlands - Nottingham 3 - Queen's Medical Centre/King's Mill Hospital - Maxillofacial & Orthodontics

HEE East Midlands - Derby Hospital/Queen's Hospital

Key Dates for DCT Recruitment 2019

NHS Jobs Adverts Appear Tuesday 15th January 2019
Oriel Adverts Appear Tuesday 22nd January 2019
Applications Open Tuesday 22nd January 2019
Advert and Applications Close Tuesday 12th February 2019
SJT Invitations Sent Monday 11th March 2019 (6pm)
SJT Assessment Window Wednesday 20th - Wednesay 27th March 2019
Selection Centre Invitations Sent Tuesday 2nd April 2019 (6pm)
Selection Centre Booking Deadline Friday 5th April 2019 (6pm)
Selection Centre Window Monday 29th April - Friday 3rd May 2019
Inital Offers Released Monday 20th May 2019
Hold Deadline Thursday 13th June 2019
Upgrade Deadline Thursday 20th June 2019
Final Iteration of Offers Friday 21st June 2019
Paperwork Deadline No later than Friday 28th June 2019


If you have any further queries please contact dctnro@hee.nhs.uk