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Trent Specialised Foundation Programme - Job Descriptions and Programmes

The Trent Foundation School offers Specialised posts in Medicine and Surgery, Academic Psychiatry, General Practice and Peri-operative Medicine. 

The Academic Lead for Trent is Dr Rob Dineen.  He can be contacted via


The Trent Foundation School, in partnership with the University of Nottingham and the Queen’s Medical Centre, is pleased to offer 12 Foundation Year 2 (F2) training opportunities in Academic Medicine/Surgery. These innovative rotations will be of interest to you if you would like to explore academia as a career and develop your research skills at the same time as undertaking foundation training. The successful applicants will be allocated a two-year programme and will spend their F1 year either at:

The Royal Derby Hospital, Queen’s Hospital Burton, Nottingham, or Mansfield in a rotation involving three four-month posts.

1. Derby (Royal Derby Hospital) - General Surgery/ Paediatrics / Geriatric Medicine

2. Derby (Burton-on-Trent) – General Surgery / Endocrinology & Diabetes / Gastroenterology

3. Mansfield - General Surgery / Respiratory Medicine / Obstetrics & Gynaecology

4. Nottingham (Queen’s Medical Centre) – General Surgery / Rheumatology / Paediatrics

5. Nottingham (Queen’s Medical Centre) - Endocrinology & Diabetes / General Surgery / Paediatrics

6. Nottingham (Nottingham City Hospital) – Urology / Cardiology / Medical Microbiology

7. Nottingham (Nottingham City Hospital) – Anaesthetics / Urology / Respiratory Medicine


The F2 year will be based at the Royal Derby Hospital, Queen’s Hospital Burton, Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC)/Nottingham CIty Hospital Nottingham, rotating through one of the four programmes detailed below (please note that the order of posts will vary):

1. Academic placement / Trauma and Orthopaedics / Geriatric Medicine

2. Academic placement / Emergency Medicine / General Practice

3. Academic placement / General Surgery/ Psychiatry of Learning Disability

4. Academic placement / Cardiology/ General Surgery


The four-month academic medicine post is aimed at individuals who wish to gain an insight into research and to help determine whether you have an aptitude for this, by conducting a research project. The Academic Medicine post may be hosted by any academic department within the University of Nottingham, including, but not limited to, Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics and Genetics. During the 4 month post individuals will complete a research project in a subject/area of their own choosing, working with a research active investigator with suitable experience and infrastructure to support you and your research project. With guidance, subject to supervisor availability, trainees in these placements will be able to arrange appropriate supervision in a specialty of their choosing thereby experiencing research in a clinical area of interest to the individual.

Although previously linked to clinical on call within Acute Medicine, these posts no longer contain any clinical commitment during the 4 month academic placement. This means you will have ample opportunity to complete projects and embed yourselves in the academic department you chose.

Medical Education Foundation doctors are provided with funding that will cover the cost (fully or partially depending on the course and provider) of a postgraduate qualification in medical education.

The job descriptions for the Specialised Foundation Programmes available in the Trent Foundation School can be downloaded using the hyperlink below.  The Academic Foundation Programme data can be viewed via the Oriel website (