Exploring Neurodiversity in the Workplace – a series of health and wellbeing webinars

A series of webinars exploring neurodiversity in the workplace has been commissioned. Presented by Nancy Doyle, psychologist from BBC2's Employable Me documentary, they provide managers, trainees and supervisors with:

  • an insight into the overall area of neurodiversity;
  • understanding of the specifics about each condition, the general strengths, challenges and work place implications;
  • learning strategies managers and supervisors can implement to support trainees;
  • learning strategies trainees can implement to support themselves; and
  • reflection on the Equality Act.

Dyslexia and Dyspraxia/DCD

Dyslexia and dyspraxia, better researched in educational settings, pervade into the workplace bringing both strengths and weaknesses. These will be explored in practical terms, considering the different reasonable adjustments required for busy, mobile workplaces.

ADHD and Autism

ADHD and autism exist upon a spectrum, with the most severe cases leading to lifelong exclusion from the workplace and/or incarceration, yet there are many high functioning individuals with these conditions. The webinar will explore the evidence around the diagnosis, treatment and cognitive profile of ADHD and autism, and in particular how they might appear in the workplace.

Stress and mental health

Stress, mental health and some neurological conditions confer their own brand of 'neurodiversity'. How unusual is it and should we always deal with this medically? We will be considering the cognitive impact of stress and ill health, in order to understand how these conditions impact in a workplace context.


For background, please read the recent British Psychological Society's report 'Psychology at Work', which features Nancy’s chapter on Neurodiversity and Employment, as well as a chapter on psychological wellbeing in the workplace.