Health Education England in the East Midlands (HEE EM) has established a governance structure centred around a series of committee meetings responsible for the operational and strategic delivery of the foundation training programme in the two foundation schools.

Joint Foundation Schools Board

The Joint Foundation Schools Board meets 3 times a year and is chaired by the Director of Foundation Training. The Board is focused on the strategic development of the 2 foundation schools; local medical school representatives along with medical student and foundation trainee representatives sit on the Board.

Foundation Training Programme Directors Committee

The Foundation Training Programme Directors (FTPDs) meet up to 4 times a year to discuss operational matters concerning the training programme; each school’s FTPD meetings are chaired by the relevant school’s Associate Foundation School Director.

Foundation Coordinators Sub-Committee

Foundation Administrators; known locally as Foundation Programme Coordinators (FPCs) working in the local Trusts meet four times a year to share best practice and discuss any issues regarding the administrative delivery of the training programme. The meetings are chaired by the Foundation Schools Account Manager and include representation from Health Education East Midlands Postgraduate Medical Education operational teams.

Trainee Forums

Both schools ask each Trust to nominate an F1 and an F2 trainee representative; from this pool of trainees one F1 and one F2 trainee will attend the Joint Foundation Schools Board meetings. Both Foundation Schools also facilitate twice yearly Trainee Forum meetings, for the nominated trainee representatives.