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Managing Performance Problems - GP Specialty Registrars

East Midlands LETB aims to support all our learners to achieve their full potential.

Registrars' performance may become a concern for a variety of reasons. Many performance problems can be dealt with effectively within the post in which they are identified. The key is often early intervention, identifying specific learning needs and setting clear objectives. Progress against the objectives can then be monitored and support offered if required. 

Documentary evidence should be kept and signed by both the registrar and the Educational Supervisor.

For significant concerns GP trainers / educational supervisors or clinical supervisors should seek initially seek informal advice from the Programme Director at an early stage.

Registrars should discuss any concerns they may have about their ability to manage their learning or service commitments with their educational supervisor or their local Programme Director as early as possible. 

Advice and support can be accessed via the 'patch' Associate Director or Dr Kevin Hill who is the Lead APD for performance.

A detailed information booklet on managing performance concerns in GP specialty registrars can be accessed from this page.