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CSA Preparation Courses

This year’s Saturday CSA courses are open to all East Midlands trainees who are taking CSA between 1/8/14 and 31/7/15. In 2012/13 almost 92% of those eligible to attend did so and we have increased the number of courses again this year to a total of 10. The courses always receive very positive feedback from trainees, assessors and simulators.

Part one of the course – the consultations:

  • Cases written by CSA assessors and unique to the course. All new cases again for 2014/15.
  • We will continue to use the same team of simulators because they are expert simulators but more importantly are expert CSA-style simulators. This is a vital component to ensure a high standard as well as consistency of approach.
  • 10 minute cases.
  • You will leave on the day with a DVD of your consultations. You should review the DVD with your trainer.
  • There will still be 3 consultations as a ‘consultor’ and 3 as an observer. There is a great deal of value in not just observing peers consulting but in participating in the feedback and post-consultation discussion, We have extended this part of the process from 5 to 10 minutes.
  • The numbers on each course will be limited to 24 per Saturday.
  • If the CSA examiners think that you are consulting at a level which means that they consider there is a risk of you not passing the CSA we will summarise their views and share that with your trainer too so that an educational plan can be developed between you and the trainer which addresses the areas for development.

Part 2 of the course – the discussion/presentation. This will build on what was offered at ST2.

  • The presentation on the practicalities of the exam
    • Booking
    • Pictures of the Centre and their rooms
    • The iPad
    • Marking and approaches to maximising marks
    • What sort of cases to expect
    • Feedback statements – a very detailed look at each and the behaviours associated with each
    • How to prepare
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Cultural influences on the consultation and effective communication
    • How cases are devised/written
    • Tips for success – beyond what to wear! This part looks at some very specific tips which are practical as well as broken down to between the 3 domains of assessment


Health Education East Midlands, 1 Mere Way, Ruddington Fields Business Park, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6JS

When should you attend the course?
That should be early on in your ST3 year so that any learning from the day be practiced and embedded. You should not see the course as something that you do the week before you sit the CSA. It is specific CSA practice and insights and not the magic answer to passing.

Other CSA courses
There is no value in you attending any other CSA courses other than perhaps the RCGP course. No other CSA courses will be supported in terms of the funding being available from your study leave budget. Certainly not any courses where the consultations are supervised by non-examiners.

For any further enquiries please email clare.cooper7@nhs.net

Booking onto the course

  • Please click here  to book your place on line.
  • We may need to change your date but you will always be contacted and ample notice given
  • We have opened the first 5 dates for now –more will become available.
  • There is a £25 charge for the day, cheques should be made  payable to ‘Health Education England’. To secure your place please send to Clare Cooper Health Education East Midlands, 1 Mere Way, Ruddington Fields Business Park, Ruddington,Nottingham, NG11 6JS
  • If payment is not receivedat least 10 days before the start of the course your place will be cancelled and offered to another trainee on the waiting list.