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GP New Trainer's Courses

Please note that this course is only open to GPs practising in the East Midlands region.

In order to become a GP Trainer (Educational Supervisor of GP Specialty Trainees) the following are required:

  1. An initial discussion with either Nigel Scarborough, Head of School and Deputy GP Dean (nigel.scarborough@hee.nhs.uk or 07775540072), Mike Davies, Associate Postgraduate Dean (michael.davies@hee.nhs.uk or 07584151629) or Pete Wells, Programme Director (peter.wells@hee.nhs.uk or 07979597870.
  2. Evidence of commitment to become a GP Trainer and consequently provide a placement for a GP Specialty Trainee. That evidence should include:
    1. A description of the CPD activities that you have or plan to undertake to become a trainer
    2. Evidence of contact with and support from you local GP Training Programme Director
    3. Evidence of attendance or plan to attend you local trainers group meetings
    4. An indication that you hold MRCGP or FRCGP
    5. Evidence that you have a minimum CCT experience (at the time of completing the course) of:
      1. Three years in a non training practice or two years in a training practice 
      2. and have been in your current practice for six months
    6. Evidence of full support of key personnel in your practice
  3. Attendance at all 5 days of the New Trainers Course as well as the 4 half day learning sets associated with the Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education (PCGME) (at masters level).
  4. Satisfactory completion of the PGCME
  5. Undertake a personal and practice self assessment against the approval criteria.
  6. Have an informal visit with a local GP Training Programme Director to assess your and the practice's readiness for a formal visit
  7. Have a formal visit in order to be approved

The Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education

As part of our philosophy we believe that all new educators or trainers should receive academic recognition of the work required to achieve this status. The De Montfort University Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education represents an opportunity for the LETB to recognise the professional development of their educators..

Upon satisfactory completion of the Postgraduate Certificate you will become eligible to proceed on to a Trainer approval visit, and also move on to study on the DMU Diploma/Masters in Medical Education programme.

Details about the course itself

Course dates: 2017/2018

Cohort A

Module 1 – 11 & 12 September 2017, De Montfort University

Module 2 – 15, 16 & 17 January 2018, De Montfort University

Cohort B

Module 1 – 18 & 19 January 2018, De Montfort University

Module 2 – 16, 17 & 18 April 2018, De Montfort University


If you wish to undertake the course and certificate the total cost is approximately £1500, of which over 60% is subsidised by the LETB. Therefore, you only need to contribute £500 (including VAT) towards this cost.