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Our Assessment Calendar is now live. On the calendar you can find out the dates and locations of scheduled ARCPs and RITAs. To access it click here.  


ARCP Panels

All Specialty training in the UK, including training for General Practice, is governed by the Gold Guide.

All doctors in training need to be reviewed at least once a year to check that they are progressing satisfactorily through their training programme. This is carried out at the Annual Review of Competence  Progression panel (ARCP panel).

The purpose of the ARCP panel is to:

  • Check that adequate evidence has been presented.
  • If adequate evidence has been presented then to make a judgement about the trainee's suitability to progress to the next stage of training or confirm training has been satisfactorily completed.

The evidence presented is through the e-portfolio.

Very occasionally other information can be presented to the ARCP panel. If additional information is presented to the panel about a trainee, the trainee must it see it before it is presented. However, it is not intended that the trainee should agree with the report's content but is intended to ensure that the trainee is aware of what has been said. (Para 7.44 Gold Guide)

The trainee can submit as part of their evidence a response to their trainer's report or any other elements of the assessment. The trainee might wish to document alleged bullying, harassment or other inappropriate conduct. Such a report will be considered "privileged" and will be considered only by the panel in the first instance. The Panel cannot investigate inappropriate conduct themselves but will bring such allegations to the attention of the Deanery. The panel will deal with such matters sensitively. (Para 7.45 Gold Guide)

The panel can make a number of decisions or outcomes. The main Outcomes are:

Outcome 1 Satisfactory Progress

Outcome 2 Development of specific competencies required - additional training time not required.

Outcome 3 Inadequate Progress - additional training time required.

Outcome 5 Incomplete evidence presented.

Outcome 8 - Out of Programme (career break, sick leave, maternity etc.) 

Please refer to the Gold Guide Page 68 - 71 for the full list of outcomes.

Where there is unsatisfactory progress the trainee will meet the panel. The purpose of the meeting is for the panel to explain its decision and for the trainee to discuss anything they might not understand about the decision. The meeting with the trainee is not about making the decision nor is it an opportunity to present any further evidence.

It is important to understand the function of the ARCP panel is to help and support a trainee's progress through their training programme. It does this by assessing the evidence presented, making a judgement on that evidence and then recommending an outcome.

Presenting the evidence and signing off material on the e-portfolio.

Once the Educational Supervisor (ES) has completed and submitted the Educational Supervisor's Report (ESR) an alert will appear in the trainee's e-portfolio stating they have an Outstanding ESR.  The trainee must click on this link and it will take them into the report.  Once in the report they need to go to the end of the report and they will be able to click a box to accept it. 

Once the report has been accepted it can no longer be amended, therefore if there is any incorrect information in the ESR it must be discussed with the ES before accepting.

It is important that the PDs check all the ESRs. if they feel any amendmnets should be made to the ESR, the ESR will need to be unsigned by the RCGP before amendments can be made. Once the PDs have checked all their ESRs they should return the spreadsheet sent by the ARCP Team at the Kings Meadow Campus with any comments or issues. 

The ARCP panel considers the ESR as the main part of the evidence for making their decision. Once the decision has been made by the panel an ARCP Outcome form is completed by the Deanery and signed off by the Panel Chair.

Once the Panel chair has signed off the outcome form it will be sent to the trainee via the e-portfolio and they will again receive an alert. By clicking on the alert they will gain access to the form and they can accept it. This ARCP Outcome form must be signed by the trainee.

For ST3s once the Outcome forms have been accepted they will be able to apply for their CCT online via the e-portfolio.

It is really important the trainee sign off both their ESR and ARCP outcome form. The ARCP outcome form cannot be completed until the ESR is signed off and the trainee cannot progress unless the ARCP is completed and signed off by the trainee. Therefore, it is really important to check for the alerts. 

As part of the ARCP process the trainee is required to submit a Form R annually. This will make up part of the evidence that is considered by the panel in assessing the trainees suitability to progress to their next training year.

The Form R will need to be submitted at the same time as the ESR, therefore it will be sent out to the trainee in plenty of time. If at the time of receiving the Form R the trainee is out of their programme due to sick leave, maternity leave etc. then they will be required to submit an 'Out of Programme (OOP) Application Form'.

The ARCP Panels in the East Midlands LETB - 2010-11

ST1 & 2

  • Gateway dates are defined as the month where GPStRs move from one ST year to the next ST year.
  • All Educational Supervisors Reports should be completed by the Educational Supervisor and checked by the Programme Director before the gateway date. The ARCP Panel will review the ESR the month prior to the gateway date.
  • All evidence must be in the e-portfolio prior to the Gateway review with the ES.
  • GPStRs will be informed of ARCP panel dates through the website and where possible given at least 2 weeks notice of attendance at the ARCP panel.
  • The vast majority of GPStRs will not need to be seen by the ARCP panel.
  • The Gold Guide states that all doctors in training need a review at least once a year (para 7.46). This is the Annual Review. This means that for some GPStRs who are training less than full time or have been Out Of Programme (OOP) their Annual Review and Gateway dates might be different.
  • Both Annual Reviews and Gateway Reviews require an Educational Supervisor's Report before they can be considered by the ARCP panel.


  • Must complete all evidence by the end of the 34th month at the latest.
  • The earliest the ARCP panel can recommend completion of training is the 35th month.
  • Deanery office will try and accept portfolios as late as possible in the 34th month and run the panels as early as possible in the 35th month to allow the maximum time for GPStRs to obtain their CCT. This will allow for any RCGP/PMETB issues to be clarified so CCTs can be issued on time.
  • ARCP panel dates are published on the website well in advance. GPStRs should ensure that they are available on those days in case they need to be seen by the panel.
  • Only GPStRs who have difficulties will be seen by the panel. These will include those who have not passed the AKT and/or CSA as well as those whose  ES or PD have highlighted issues in training or problems with WPBA. Many of these GPStRs will be well aware of the need to be seen by the panel well before the deanery confirms the need to attend the panel.
  • GPStRs whose ES or PD has indicated that they are not progressing satisfactorily will be notified by their individual programmes of the latest date when their ESR should be completed so it can be checked by a PD and submitted to the Kings Meadow Office.

ARCP 2013 Panel Dates

  • 13th November
  • AKT Result -27thNovember
  • CSA Result – 4thDecember
  • 11th & 12th December 2013
  • 15th January 2014
  • 12th February 2014
  • AKT Result – 26thFebruary
  • 12th March 2014
  • CSA Result – 20thMarch
  • 2nd & 3rd April 2014
  • 21st May 2014
  • AKT Result – 29thMay
  • CSA Result – 4thJune
  •  11th & 12th June 2014 – ST3 finishers; passed both exams
  • 25th & 26th June 2014 – ST3 exam fails
  • 23rd & 24th July 2014 – ST1 & 2 gateways