Academic Foundation Programme Recruitment

The relevant information relating to recruitment to Academic Foundation Programmes commencing in August 2020, (including the applicant guide, person specification and timeline), can be found at the following link:

Please click on the separate Trent and LNR pages in this section, for further information relating to the programmes available in each of the two Foundation Schools within the East Midlands.

Information relating to travel expenses for Academic Foundation Programme interviews, including candidate expenses guidance and the candidate expenses form, is available at the following link:

Specialty Recruitment

Shortlisting Score

The shortlisting score will consist of your decile score, educational achievements score and white space question.  In the event of the total shortlisting scores being tied, the highest decile score will be considered first, followed by the highest publication score, followed by the highest degree score, followed by the white space question and then prizes.

AFP Ranking Score

The AFP ranking score will be a combination of the total shortlisting score and the total interview score.

Academic Unit of Application

East Midlands

Number of programmes available


Number available of each type of programme

LNR Foundation School: 14
Trent Foundation School: 18

Psychiatry - Trent: 3

Leadership & Management:
LNR Foundation School: 13


Psychiatry Fellowships:

We will be offering 4 Psychiatry Fellowships which will be attached to Foundation Programme posts - details to be confirmed.

Date of shortlisting:

Date of interviews:

14th October 2019

29th November 2019

Are telephone/video interviews acceptable? Y/N


Additional Info

Due to the difference between the Leadership and Research programmes, please rank either ALL Leadership programmes OR ALL Research programmes.

If you rank both, you will only be considered for the type of programme you ranked first; e.g. If Leadership programme ranked first, you would be offered a Leadership programme (if successful).  You would not be considered for Research programmes.

Please click on the links below for further information relating to the available programmes and the individual placement descriptions in both the LNR and Trent Foundation Schools.