Specialised Foundation Programme Recruitment 2023

UK Foundation Programme - Contains relevant information relating to recruitment to Specialised Foundation Programmes commencing in August 2023, (including the applicant guide, person specification and timeline).

Please click on Trent and LNR pages, for further information relating to the programmes available in each of the two Foundation Schools within the East Midlands.


Specialised Foundation Programme Interviews

2023 interviews will be undertaken virtually (through Microsoft Teams)


Specialised Foundation Programme - Preferencing 

Preferences Opening Date: 7th September 2022 (9am BST)

Preferences Closing Date: 14th October 2022 (12noon BST)

Due to the difference between the Leadership, Medical Education, and Research programmes, applicants will only be considered for the type of programme they have ranked first in their preferences. Please only rank either ALL Leadership OR ALL Medical Education OR ALL Research Programmes (not a mixture).

Therefore, if you rank more than one programme, you will only be considered for the type of programme you ranked first, e.g. if Leadership programme is ranked first, you would be scored and interviewed for this programme and offered a Leadership programme (if successful).  You would not be considered for the Medical Education or Research programmes.

Preferences will be checked and applicants will be asked to amend their preferencing in line with their first ranked preference so that programmes that are ranked are only ALL Leadership OR ALL Medical Education OR ALL Research Programmes (not a mixture).


Shortlisting Score

The shortlisting score will consist of your educational achievements score and white space questions.  In the event of the total shortlisting scores being tied, the highest publication score will be considered first, followed by the highest degree score, followed by the white space question and then prizes.


White Space Questions

Below are the White Space Questions that will be looked at and scored against each Programme.

Career Goals

  1. What are your specific reasons for applying for a special experience programme? Please highlight how the programme will contribute to your clinical or research career plans and briefly outline these.

Mandatory Question – please answer this question regardless of whether you have ranked:


Education and Teaching


Leadership Question

(appears if selected Leadership)

  1. Give one example in which you have demonstrated your leadership abilities. The example should be from your undergraduate experience (or postgraduate experience if relevant) and should identify your specific role and contribution as a leader and its relevance to academic activities.

If you have ranked Leadership, please answer this question and the “Career Goals” question.

Education and Teaching

(appears if selected Education and Teaching)

  1. Please describe your previous relevant teaching experience and achievements as a teacher, within and outside medicine.

If you have ranked Education and Teaching, please answer this question and the “Career Goals” question.


Achievements/Experience Question

  1. What is your single best clinical or research achievement (paper/presentation/or prize) and why?

If you have ranked Research, please answer this question and the “Career Goals” question.


AFP Ranking Score

The AFP ranking score will be a combination of the total shortlisting score and the total interview score.  In the event of the total interview scores being tied, the highest decile scores will be taken into consideration first, followed by the highest publication score, followed by the highest degree score, followed by the white space question and then prizes.

Specialised Unit of Application (SUoA)

East Midlands

Number of programmes available


Number available of each type of programme


Research – 14

Leadership – 10

Medical Education - 3


Research – 18

Medical Education - 3

Psychiatry – 3

Date of shortlisting:

Date of interviews:

Friday 14th October 2022 – Monday 17th October 2022

Friday 18th November 2022

Are telephone/video interviews acceptable? Y/N

No telephone interviews. 

Video interviews will be used for this recruitment round (see notes below).

Additional Info

Face-to-face interviews will not take place but will instead be carried out virtually via Microsoft Teams.

If you are successful at being invited to interview, please ensure you have the software required.

 Please click on the below boxes for further information relating to the available Specialised Foundation Programmes and the individual placement descriptions in both the LNR and Trent Foundation Schools. 





Person Specification - UKFPO




UK Foundation Programme (UKFPO)_August 2023



Eligibility Applicants must meet the requirements set out in the UK Foundation Programme 2023 eligibility criteria. Eligibility checking
Qualifications The applicant must have achieved, or expect to achieve, a primary medical qualification as recognised by the General Medical Council (GMC) by the start of the UK Foundation Programme 2023. Eligibility checking
Clinical Knowledge & Skills

The applicant must be familiar with and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the major principles of the GMC’s Outcomes for Graduates 2018 including:

• Knowledge, skills, and performance

• Safety and quality

• Communication, partnership, and teamwork

• Maintaining trust

The applicant must be familiar with requirements as set out in Promoting excellence: standards for medical education and training (2016) including the relevant core skills.

Application2 / pre-employment screening Clinical assessment (where appropriate
Language & Communication Skills

The applicant must demonstrate skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking in English language that enable effective communication about medical topics with patients and colleagues, as set out in the GMC’s Good Medical Practice (2013)1.


Application2 / pre-employment screening Clinical assessment (where appropriate)

The applicant must demonstrate:

• an understanding of the importance of the patient as the central focus of care

• the ability to prioritise tasks and information and take appropriate decisions.

• an understanding of the importance of working effectively with others.

• the ability to communicate effectively with both colleagues and patients.

• initiative and the ability to deal effectively with pressure and/or challenge.

• commitment to learning and continued professional development.

• self-awareness and insight into the boundaries of their own abilities

• an understanding of the principles of equality and diversity

Application2 /pre-employment screening Clinical assessment (where appropriate)

The applicant must demonstrate appropriate professional behaviour, i.e., integrity, honesty, confidentiality as set out in the GMC’s Good Medical Practice (2013)1.

By the start of the programme, the applicant must demonstrate criminal record and barring clearance at the appropriate level and complete all other pre-employment requirements according to current government legislation.

Application2 /pre-employment screening


1 Please note that whenever General Medical Council documents are referenced, it is possible that revised versions will be produced after the UKFPO's information has been published. Therefore, applicants should always refer to the most up-to-date version of these publications.

2 Please note that the application includes the Situational Judgement Test (SJT)