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Why should I get involved in research?twitter_feed_image.png

Research is one of the essential skills a trainee should acquire. As a senior clinician, you are required to fulfil your job and also to widen your knowledge base, and in addition, it helps with the evidence based practice. It is also an opportunity to enhance your professional profile to be able to conduct research as an investigator.


Could you shed some light on the available research opportunities within HEEM school of psychiatry?

HEEM has got a reputable well established research centres including universities and incorporating the national institute of research and clinical research network.

There are various commercial and non-commercial studies. In any given time, there are numerous studies which are running in the region. Interested trainees will have the opportunity to undertake relevant training and to participate in one of the available studies.


How could I get involved in research and what are the steps that I should take? 

The first step is to contact the research and development personnel within the trust, or the consultant who is a principle investigator (PI) or chief investigator (CI) in the region, and ask to get involved in one of the available research studies.


Where could I find more information about current or potential research projects and whom to contact?

From time to time there would be opportunities to be PI and this will be announced at the local trust communication system. You can also visit the Institute of Mental Health webpage to get more information. You can also contact me via