Core Psychiatry


***New for Core Trainees in 2018. Please see document below for information about out of programme experience in South Africa***

Why should I consider Core Psychiatry Training?

"Psychiatry is a fun, interesting and diverse speciality. The work is varied, and you will not always be chained to a desk or confined to a ward environment as many jobs are also community based.

From the outset it is clear that as a Core Trainee, your primary role is to develop key skills to be a good psychiatrist. There is a positive culture around education and personal development. The structure of the training scheme supports this, including protected weekly supervision with consultants, the required competencies in psychotherapy, and protected teaching time.

Training is flexible, and allows for a great work-life balance."


What are the available clinical opportunities in the East Midlands?

"It is an exciting time to work in the East Midlands. The breadth of clinical placements is a major strength of training in the region.

In recent years, new services have been developed in Substance Misuse, Eating Disorder and Perinatal Psychiatry, and Core Trainees have been embedded into new teams.  There are also unique opportunities for placements and taster sessions which are not available in other regions, such as High Secure Forensic Psychiatry, and the Adult Neurodevelopmental Disorder Service.

There is a nice balance between placements in which core skills can be developed, whilst also allowing trainees to explore areas for future Speciality Training."


What non-clinical opportunities are there in the region that would aid my development?

"There is a close relationship with the Institute of Mental Health based in Nottingham, so research projects are readily available for those who wish to explore this area. There are also dedicated academic positions on offer. (Refer to other area of website).

Core Trainees are encouraged to undertake leadership roles and are welcome to sit on committees in order to begin to develop in this area.

There are opportunities to teach and examine at medical schools in the region.

Overall there is a positive culture around educational objectives, and trainees are supported to explore particular areas of interest.

HEEM regularly hold events for trainees to showcase their work to their seniors and peer group."

Dr Dan Masud is a current Core Trainee.

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