Workforce, training and education
East Midlands

Stakeholder Identification

RSM UK Consulting LLP (RSM) was commissioned to conduct a stakeholder engagement scoping exercise to understand the views of stakeholders of a Generalist Medical School in the Midlands.

152 relevant stakeholders were identified across the three pilot areas (Derby in Derbyshire, Coventry in the West Midlands, and Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire) via internet searches and referrals. Telephone interviews then took place with 30 stakeholders to explore the themes of current healthcare needs/requirements, perceived benefits of the Generalist School and future recommendations. Stakeholders were overwhelmingly positive about the introduction of the Generalist Medical School, suggesting that:

  • Doctors in training will have a better understanding and insight into the lifestyle and backgrounds of their patients
  • Doctors in training will have closer links to community health and third sector/ voluntary organisations
  • Skills such as advocacy and communication gained through the Generalist School may be used throughout a doctor’s career