Workforce, training and education
East Midlands

Trailblazer Sites: Derbyshire, Lincolnshire & Coventry

Our Trailblazer sites are Lincolnshire, Coventry, and Derbyshire. The Midlands region represents a rural, city and community setting. The variety of these settings for the trailblazer sites will provide us with rich data on how the Enhancing Generalist Skills Programme: Leadership and Social Medicine can be embedded into the different settings while highlighting the differences between them.

The trailblazer sites provide an opportunity to work with leading academics and thinkers in healthcare and will develop an extensive network of contacts within the Midlands. 

The ultimate aim of the project is to educate IMTs to become more ‘generalist’ and holistic in their approach to the management of patients, treating the person rather than the disease. It will allow them to create community links they can then use for the rest of their training and into their consultancy posts. They will also have a unique QI project and a better foundation in research.