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Palliative Medicine

Dr Bisharat El-Khoury
Consultant in Palliative Medicine and
Training Programme Director
Hayward House
City Hospital Campus
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
E-mail: bisharat.el-khoury@nuh.nhs.uk
Tel: 0115 9627619


Welcome to the homepage for training in Palliative Medicine in the East Midlands LETB (North).

We hope you are considering a career in Palliative Medicine.  It is a young specialty with new challenges and opportunities allowing for a varied and changing career.  It can be highly rewarding, with a good mix of clinical work and opportunities to rely on highly developed clinical skills and judgement.  The holistic nature of palliative medicine encompasses the physical, psychosocial and/or spiritual domains of care and as such, good multi-professional working is fundamental to its success. There are opportunities to work in a variety of settings during training, including hospices and specialist palliative care units, hospitals and in the community.

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The Training Programme

The specialty of Palliative Medicine is affiliated to the Royal College of Physicians.  Trainees can enter via a variety of routes, including following Core Medical Training and securing the MRCP examination, or obtaining a CCT in general practice which will include successful completion of the MRCGP.

The training programme is 4 years, leading to the award of a CCT in Palliative Medicine.  There are 6 posts, with trainees expected to complete 8 months in each.  Trainees will follow the 2010 Palliative Medicine curriculum, and further information can be found on the JRCPTB website.  The programme is designed to provide a broad experience in Palliative Care, including:

  • Inpatient care
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Day care
  • Combined cancer clinics
  • Non-malignant palliative care
  • Community palliative care
  • Hospital palliative care teams
  • Lymphoedema
  • Bereavement care
  • Palliative care research
  • Palliative care education

As trainees move through the rotation, they will be given increasing clinical responsibility.  Teaching opportunities will be given in all posts, with increasing emphasis in senior posts, and experience in management will also be available in senior posts.

Private study time is set aside in the weekly timetables in each post.  All trainees have the opportunity to attend and will be involved in delivering the monthly SpR Study Half-Day programme.  There are regional study days 4 times a year, which trainees from the East Midlands (South) and South Yorkshire Deaneries also attend.

Registrars from the East Midlands (North) rotation, 2010

Posts Included in the Rotation:

Clinical Post - " Hayward House

Hayward House is a 20-bedded Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Unit situated in the grounds of Nottingham City Hospital Campus.  It includes an inpatient unit, day care unit, complementary therapy unit and study centre, and houses the hospital palliative care team and community Macmillan team.  The unit provides care for patients with advanced cancer or motor neurone disease, and for their families and carers, with care led by Dr Patrick Costello and Dr Bisharat El-Khoury.  Trainees focus predominantly on the inpatient unit and day care, and take on responsibility for co-ordinating admissions and supervising junior doctors.

Research Post - " Hayward House

The research department is led by Dr Andrew Wilcock, Reader in Palliative Medicine and Medical Oncology.  This post enables trainees to develop a sound knowledge of the process of research, with the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of local studies and contributing towards recruitment for national or international multicentre trials.

Hospital Post - " Queen’s Medical Centre and NottinghamCityHospital

These two large teaching hospitals comprise Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.  Cancer Services are located at both sites.  Trainees will join the Hospital Palliative Care Team under the supervision of Dr Vincent Crosby.  The team provides specialist care and support for patients and their families, who remain under the care of the referring team, as well as providing support and education for health professionals.

Nightingale Macmillan Unit Posts

The Nightingale Macmillan Unit is now located at the RoyalDerbyHospital site.  This Specialist Palliative Care Service consists of a 20-bedded inpatient unit, day care centre, lymphoedema suite, hospital palliative care team and community palliative care team. There are 5 palliative medicine consultants; Dr Vaughan Keeley, Dr Joanna Hocknell, Dr Maelie Swanwick, Dr Hilary Pavis and Dr Jacky Frisby.  There are 2 registrar posts, a junior post predominantly focused on the inpatient unit, and a senior post with a greater focus on outpatients, community palliative care and management issues.

John Eastwood Hospice Post

John Eastwood Hospice is a purpose-built unit adjacent to KingsMillHospital, with a 12-bedded inpatient unit.  It also offers day care facilities, outpatient clinics, a community Macmillan team and Hospice at Home team.  The Hospital Support Team provides services to KingsMillHospital, as well as Ashfield and MansfieldCommunityHospitals.  There are 3 palliative medicine consultants; Dr Greg Finn, Dr Claudia Whale and Dr Alpna Chauhan.  There are opportunities for trainees to get involved in all aspects of the service, with a focus on community palliative care.

Lincoln Post

We are actively looking to expand the rotation to St Barnabas Hospice and LincolnCountyHospitalsfollowing the appointment of Dr Georgina Keenelyside in September 2010.

Flexible Training

Flexible training is available on the East Midlands Palliative Care training programme.  The overall length of time in training will be extended pro-rata, depending on the number of sessions worked.  Trainees wishing to consider this as an option can find further details and application forms under the section on flexible training by clicking here.

Further Queries

If you would like to arrange a visit or have any further queries, please contact Dr Bisharat El-Khoury at the address above, or one of the registrars at Hayward House.