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LNR Foundation School

LNR Foundation School covers the areas of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland, the school delivers over 300 foundation training opportunities, each of which is based around one of three geographical areas - Leicester, Northampton and Kettering.

The LNR training programmes are based around 3 acute and 2 mental health trusts; these include a mixture of large and smaller hospital sites as well as opportunities to train in GP placements. Cross-trust rotations are the cornerstone of all of our training programmes; this means that you are likely to work and train in different hospital locations in your F1 and F2 year. We believe this, coupled with the challenges presented by the rural, suburban and urban communities that these hospitals serve, affords all our trainees with an extensive range of learning opportunities.


Hospital Contacts

Click here to download contact details for each of the hospital sites within the LNR foundation programme.

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