Study Leave Coordinators

HEE's link to the Trust/Programme Office

Responsibilities include:

  • Providing information and guidance at Trust/GP Programme inductions/for new starters regarding local study leave process.
  • Providing information and guidance on HEE-EM policies and systems as well as local processes.
  • Processing of expenses (using local Trust processes).
  • Providing information/updates where required to HEE-EM on rota coordinator changes.
  • Act as the first point of contact for trainees locally. 
  • For Primary Care, Study Leave Coordinators (ie Programme Managers) will also act as approvers at Sequence 5.

How to process expenses

  1. Log into Intrepid v10 and locate the trainee record. Go to the Education/Leave tab and find the study leave record that matches the claim form being processed.
  2. Check that the leave request is authorised (Authorised: Yes). This can be done from the Leave History page (a), or once you have opened the leave request (b).
    1. authorised_leave_request_-_history_view.png
    2. authorised_leave_request_-_request_view.png

​If the request has not been authorised, please follow the guidance below (“What if the leave request has not been approved but the trainee submits a claim?”)

NOTE: Any expenses processed without the leave being approved will not be funded by HEE.

  1. Scroll to the Leave Expenses section. There will be a separate entry for each expense type.

NOTE: Different expenses types (e.g. Fees, Subsistence – Accommodation, Travel – Mileage) should be recorded as distinct rows. If all expenses appear to be grouped under a single expense record, please contact HEE with details of the claim for advice.

  1. Click on the arrow at the left-hand side of the relevant expense record.
  2. Check that the amount of the claim doesn’t exceed either the amount approved (Estimated Cost), or the remaining budget (under Entitlements (Leave) on the left-hand side) and is in line with the authorised expenses and rates set out in the CSL policy.
  3. Complete the following fields
  • Claim Amount (the amount being paid to the trainee. This should not exceed the Estimated Cost originally by the trainee).
  • Actual Cost (the actual cost incurred by the trainee from the receipts. HEE will use this for reporting and monitoring purposes)
  • Financial year (the current financial year)​
  1. Tick the Authorised box. This will automatically populate Passed for Payment with today’s date; please wait for it to do so.
  2. Record any notes as appropriate.
  3. Click Save. Repeat as necessary for any other expense types.
  4. For any estimated costs not being claimed by the trainee, click on the arrow at the left-hand side of the relevant expense record, complete both Actual Cost and Claim Amount with 0, and click Save. This will release the funds back to the trainee’s budget entitlement.​​

Relevant policies/guidance


What if the leave request has not been approved but the trainee submits a claim?
  • Inform the trainee that the claim cannot be processed as their leave application has not been approved on Leave Manager.
  • The best solution here is that the trainee contacts their leave approvers directly to action the request; leave requests should normally be fully approved prior to the trainee attending the activity.
  • Outstanding leave approvers can be checked in the Online Leave Approval section of the leave request.
  • If the leave approvers listed on the application are incorrect, please inform
  • Any expenses processed on Intrepid where the associated leave request has not been fully approved in line with the Study Leave policy will not be reimbursed by HEE.
What if the leave request has been approved by the rota coordinator but not the TPD/HoS?

The expenses still cannot be processed until the application is fully approved. Due to the changes in national budgets and how we regionally manage study leave expenses, TPD/HoS approval is key in the application as they review the value for money and educational value of the application.

What if the trainee has not estimated expenses on their request?

The claim cannot be processed and should be rejected. There is an appeals process outlined in the Study Leave Policy which can be followed by the trainee, should they wish to appeal this decision.

What if the expenses claimed are higher than the estimated cost?

Expenses can only be authorised up to the amount estimated by the trainee. The authorised amount should not exceed the estimated cost. If you are in any doubt, please contact

What if the trainee has forgotten to enter some of the expenses?

Only the expenses prospectively entered onto the application can be processed – if there are any expenses which were not estimated on the application, these should not be processed. There is an appeals process outlined in the Study Leave Policy which can be followed by the trainee, should they wish to appeal this decision.

Can the standard rates outlined in the Study Leave Policy be exceeded?

The rates in the Study Leave Policy are based on the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service and are standardised nationally; they cannot be exceeded.

What should I do if the expenses on the claim exceed the overall budget for the trainee?

Trainee budgets can be increased on request (see the policy on our website) prior to the trainee submitting a request on Leave Manager. This is so that all expenses can be estimated on the application by the trainee. You should process the claim, only up to the amounts estimated on Leave Manager – even if they are lower than the claimed expenses.

The trainee has not applied for study leave or expenses on Leave Manager, can they still apply for expenses?

If the application has not been submitted prospectively on Leave Manager, expenses cannot be claimed. In line with the Study Leave Policy, retrospective requests may be considered only in exceptional circumstances, where valid reasons for not applying exist. The claim should be rejected at this point and the trainee can follow the appeals process outlined in the Study Leave Policy

How will the Trust be reimbursed for expenses claims?

Each HEE local office holds a Learning & Development Agreement (LDA) with all training employers in their region. On a quarterly basis, all claims marked as Passed For Payment (see guidance above) are reported from Leave Manager, linked to the relevant Trust, and payment for these claims is made through the LDA.

This is why it's vital for expenses to be properly recorded on Leave Manager; anything that is not recorded, or recorded in error, can affect the LDA payment, resulting in Trusts not being properly reimbursed.