School of Generalism

Welcome to our future local, national, and global leaders in health and social medicine!

 This enhanced training will equip doctors in training to recognise, respond and advocate for health justice issues practically, from the patient in front of them to the systems and policies they work within. This is a unique opportunity to step out of the confines of traditional medical roles and learn how to think "outside the box" about health in the context of people’s lives. Doctor’s will discover what strategic, health-centred, trauma-informed approaches to problems of health injustice look like and how to lead sustainable and effective change.

 To complement mainstream training, the leadership and social medicine focus will be on higher vulnerability populations and health in the wider context of people's lives and the forces, systems and structures that shape them.  Topics will include the neuroscience of psychological trauma, poverty, discrimination, and the health impacts of forced migration, exploitation, violence, crime, detention, and humanitarian crises.

Doctors in training will learn and apply new skills on the ground with community-based partner organisations, charities and NGOs experienced with the complexities of supporting people navigating challenging circumstances. Through this Immersive Experience new multidisciplinary colleagues, patients, clients, and adversity survivors will support doctors in training to reflect on health in a broader sense, and to develop critical skills for informed health advocacy, effective teamwork, and social medicine leadership from local to national and even global level influence.  In a world that is inter-connected in increasingly complex, dynamic, and synergistic ways, there has never been a more important time to invest in astute and courageous future leaders in health and social medicine.