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Programme Preferences

Based on applicant feedback for 2016 recruitment applicants will be able to preference at a more detailed geographical level during Round 1 and 2. This will allow applicants to preference at GP Programme level e.g. Nottingham, Derby or Chesterfield rather than the East Midlands

Allocation to programme area will be via Oriel.

Health Education England, East Midlands has 280 vacancies for Round 1 General Practice recruitment. Details are below of vacancies within our local programmes.



Standard ST rotations








Kettering and Northampton






Lincolnshire (Boston, Lincoln)






Sherwood Forest (Mansfield)







The figures above should be used as a guidance tool.


Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme: Health Education England - East Midlands. Allocation to rotations process.

This scheme offers a one off payment (salary support[1]) of £20,000 to GP trainees committed to working in a select number of training places within the East Midlands , that have been hard to recruit to for the past three years. These areas  have an extremely good track record for education, but are initially less popular mainly because of their geographical location. However, those trainees that do come to these areas often stay on after training, as they discover these locations’ hidden attractions, including beautiful countryside and cheap housing

Areas that will have TERS places available for Round 1 recruitment are Lincolnshire (Lincoln and Boston) and Sherwood Forest. Please note, not all trainees will be allocated a TERS post. There are 12 posts available in Sherwood Forest and 18 in Lincolnshire. Once offers are confirmed, you will be asked to rank the specific TERS rotations, these will then be offered according to candidate rank.

Rotations which attract a TERS payment will be fixed and there will be no flexibility to either change the order of posts or the actual speciality of posts.




[1] TERS has formerly been referred to as a bursary but it is treated by HMRC as Salary Support and will be subject to normal taxation rules. If you have concerns about how this will affect you individually we recommend you seek professional advice.