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Referral Process

How do I refer a trainee for careers support?

Why should I refer a trainee for 1:1 careers support?  
How do I refer a trainee?
What other support services are available to a trainee?

1:1 Careers Support - Why?

We regularly see doctors each year for one to one career support, from Foundation trainees to Consultant level. The reasons for trainees are varied and individual to each but can include:

  • Uncertainty about the direction of medical career or choice of specialty.
  • Consideration of a career outside medicine.
  • Opportunity to explore career options in a confidential environment.
  • Lack of progress and a desire to reconsider career path.
  • Ill health affecting the ability to follow an initial choice of career.

How do I refer a trainee?

The Careers team are able to provide impartial, facilitated careers support in the form of confidential, one to one sessions with trainees who feel some careers guidance would be of value. Trainees may self-refer or be referred by a trainer or educational supervisor. For further information on how Careers Support may help contact heem.careers@nhs.net, tel: 0115 8233367. Alternatively, you may have further questions in which case we would be happy to have a preliminary discussion by email or telephone to see how best we may support you.

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Other support available

The Careers Team

As well as offering impartial facilitated careers support in the form of confidential, one to one sessions with trainees we also provide workshops and a variety of web based resources.

The Professional Support Unit (PSU)

The Professional Support Unit is a service for East Midlands trainees who are experiencing difficulties which may be adversely impacting on their performance and progression in training. Please see the PSU section for more information. 

The Health Careers Website

The Health Careers website offers a dedicated section for trainers which includes information on how to support trainees in their career planning and decision making, as well as providing further information on how to explore specialty choice with trainees and to support them with career dilemmas. It also contains an interesting section on Generation Y and medical/general careers research papers.

Other Support & Guidance Services

  • Support Services and Pastoral Care Services at your Medical School - Visit the relevant medical school website which may provide guidance for medical students and personal tutors as to available support services.
  • BMA Counselling Service - The BMA offers 24 hour counselling services.
  • Doctors' Support Network - Provides peer support for doctors and medical students in the UK.  Staffed by volunteer doctors.
  • Home Office - Government site which provides information on eligibility to work in the UK.
  • The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund - Offering information and support on alternative careers for doctors.

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