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Referral Appointments

Referring a trainee for careers support

The reasons for referrals are varied and individual to each case, but can include:

  • Uncertainty about the direction of medical career or choice of specialty.
  • Consideration of a career outside medicine.
  • Opportunity to explore career options in a confidential environment.
  • Lack of progress and a desire to reconsider career path.
  • Ill health is affecting the ability to follow an initial choice of career.
  • Supervisor feeling little progress is being made or having other difficulties engaging a trainee in careers support
  • A trainee wishing to have careers support from someone outside of their normal employment/training environment, for confidentiality or impartiality reasons

There are many other possible reasons, and we are happy to receive referrals from you for reasons beyond those listed above.

How do I refer a trainee?

Referring is as simple as giving us a call (0115 8233367) or dropping us an email (careers.EM@hee.nhs.uk). Obviously, we would need details of the Trainee you are referring, and an overview of the careers support received so far. It is helpful if you have discussed the referral with the trainee in advance of contacting us.

If you are not sure whether a referral is appropriate or not, or if you have further questions, we would be happy to have a preliminary discussion by email or telephone to see how best we may support you and your trainee.

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