Making a Referral

For Trainee

A trainee is now able to make self-referrals so long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Exam related - Must have two prior fails of the same exam or have clear signs of Dyslexia (please see our Neurodiversity page)

For Supervisor/TPD/HOS

You are able to refer a trainee for support. We encourage that you discuss this with the trainee and fill out the form together. Please detail the actions that you have already taken on the form as we would expect this initial support prior to a referral to our service. 

Referral Form 2019

In all cases, please ensure that the TRAINEE signs the referral agreement located at the bottom of the form.

The PSU asks the form to be completed with as much detail as possible as it may delay how quickly we are able to allocate a Case Manager to the trainee, and put support in place. Any incomplete referral forms will be returned. 

The referral form will be reviewed in the strictest confidence by a member of the PSU team.

The PSU will respond in the first instance by email. Telephone conversations can be arranged through email contact if necessary.

Referral forms are to be completed electronically and sent to as an email attachment.