SuppoRTT: Coach Yourself Through Imposter Syndrome to Return to Training

  • Tues 15th September 2020 Webinar 10-12pm     FULL
  • Tues 1st December 2020 Webinar 12.30-2.30pm
  • Wed 2nd December 2020 Webinar 7-9pm
  • Thurs 11th February 2021 Webinar 2-4pm

Two-hour free online discussion seminar with small group coaching with registered coach Dr Katy Mahoney from coaching company - Rodetal

Programme Content

1. Identifying common aspects of impostor syndrome affecting trainees returning to training

2. Cultivating helpful thought patterns

3. Values and beliefs for confidence

4. Small group coaching to internalise accomplishments, challenge limiting beliefs and showcase strengths

Programme Description

This two-hour online discussion seminar will support you to identify impostor syndrome symptoms and share with peers how you have approached impostor syndrome in the past. The session will cover themes relating to anxiety, fear of failure, loss of confidence, procrastination, perfectionism and risk aversion. We will discuss how these aspects of impostor syndrome might be playing out through confidential small group coaching and discussion. You will then create a personalise framework to coach yourself to overcome impostor syndrome and to support others in a similar position.

By the end of the session you will know how to:

  • Identify common aspects of impostor syndrome affecting trainees returning to training
  • Cultivate impostor syndrome beating thought patterns
  • Recognise personal values and beliefs that support self-confidence and esteem
  • Have a productive coaching conversation with colleagues and peers to support others suffering with impostor syndrome

Throughout the session you will be encouraged to be open and honest in your learning, engaging with an open, positive and growth mindset.

To book, please use Accent (previously known as Intrepid Course Manager) here .  If you haven't used Intrepid in the past you will need to register first.  Please then search for the webinar using "SuppoRTT".

Please note the following:

  • Spaces are limited to 12 therefore you are advised to book as soon as possible.
  • Trainees returning to training will be given priority for spaces.
  • This is a pilot session only so there are no other dates planned at present

SuppoRTT: Supporting Working Parents

  • Tues 13th October 2020 9-12:30 Webinar
  • Wed 20th January 2021 9-12:30 Webinar
  • Thurs 11th March 2021 9-12:30 Webinar

This course is specifically designed to support trainees returning or recently returned to training from parental leave. The session runs from 9-12:30, with a short break part way through.

At the end of this programme you will be able to:

  • - Manage internal anxiety, guilt and other "gremlins" that hamper or hold you back
  • - Create a bespoke action plan for (profile-raising) productivity
  • - Build a solid confidence plan
  • - Feel supported, motivated, valued and in control
  • - Design strategies for building more time into your day
  • - Optimise your communication style
  • - Walk away confident that you have the time and resources to perform at your best both as a parent and as an employee

SuppoRTT: Mental Wellbeing and Personal Management

  • Thurs 1st October 2020 10-12:30 Webinar     FULL
  • Fri 22nd January 2021 2-4:30 Webinar
  • Wed 24th March 2021 10-12:30 Webinar

Course aims:

  • Importance of mindset vs skillset
  • Key components of Emotional Intelligence including the ‘feelings grid’
  • Strategies to handle pressure and stress in the moment and at the end of shift
  • How to control our "chimp" brain
  • Directing our mental camera
  • A 10-15 minute Q&A session (unrecorded) to deal with personal issues and challenges

Productivity & Focus Retreat

Tuesday 16th March 2021 9-2.45

This is a course which we run for OOPR trainees twice a year facilitated by our external, performance coach Dr Katy Mahoney.  The course may also benefit those trainees studying for exams/qualifications or simply aiming to update their e-Portfolio.

Essentially, this session encapsulates two hours of researcher study skills teaching alongside 4 hours dedicated to your own work (please ensure you have any notes and files you might need to hand to facilitate this). This is a hugely popular event with excellent feedback so please ensure you book early if you are interested.