Making a Referral

Funding Information

Due to our funding stream we are unable to fund doctors who do not hold a UK training number. However our case managers would be happy to discuss and signpost support that might be suitable for you.

Information for Trainee (Self-Referrals)

A trainee is now able to make self-referrals to our service. It is important to note that we will still contact your supervisor to make them aware of the referral. We do appreciate that you may not want this to happen, depending on the circumstances, and will look at each case individually. You, as a trainee, must still sign the referral agreement. We do accept electronic signatures.

Information for Supervisor/TPD/HOS

You are able to refer a trainee for support. We encourage that you discuss this with the trainee and fill out the form together. Please detail the actions that you have already taken on the form as we would expect this initial support prior to a referral to our service. A trainee must still sign the referral agreement. We accept electronic signatures.


Referral Form


In all cases, please ensure that the TRAINEE signs the referral agreement located at the bottom of the form. We do not accept unsigned forms and will politely ask that the form be signed before being resent.

The PSW asks the form to be completed with as much detail as possible as it may delay how quickly we are able to allocate a Case Manager to the trainee, and put support in place. Any incomplete referral forms will be returned. 

The referral form will be reviewed in the strictest confidence by a member of the PSW team.

The PSW will respond in the first instance by email. Telephone conversations can be arranged through email contact if necessary.

Referral forms are to be completed electronically and sent to as an email attachment. 


A Typical Referral Pathway

Once we have received a signed referral form via our inbox, a confirmation email will be sent aknowledging that we have received it and that one of our case managers will be in touch to arrange an initial meeting with the trainee. We might respond and ask that more information is required before the referral can be accepted. If the referral cannot be accepted, we will endeavour to signpost you to other services that may be helpful.

Once accepted, a dedicated case manager will arrange an appointment by email with the trainee. This is usually done over the phone to avoid unessessary travel but can be face to face should the trainee request it or if we think it would be more beneficial to do so.

During this initial meeting, the referral will be discussed and a support plan would be agreed. This meeting remains confidential.

The trainee is encouraged to access all support offered within six months. The trainee does not have to use all sessions allocated and they can contact their case manager at anypoint to change support.

One month, three month and six month reviews will take place during the course of the trainees time with us. This is usually in the form of an email or phone call to check up on the trainee's case and how they are progressing. Again changes can be made to the support plan.  

Once all agreed support has been completed and the trainee feels that improvements have been made, the case can close.


PSU Brochure 2020